Energy workers have an enormous impact on our world. It’s hard to believe that not even 80 years ago we were without electricity. As technology advances, it has become apparently easier for man to live comfortably. People do not realize how important these workers are and what life would be like without them. Almost everything we do, each and everyday, involves something to do with what an energy worker has pursued. Some of these things include lights, computers, televisions, cell phones, microwaves, iPods, CD players and the list goes on.

Without these energy workers life as we live it would not be the same. These people make a world of a difference! Energy workers are very important people. These people take more time in making it possible for us to have energy sources then they do in their own lives. These people go out and spend months at sea, to provide us with fuels to heat our homes, to drive our cars, and to give us light. For example, a line worker works in a range of weather conditions, from mild to extreme. A Line workers job is a very physical and demanding job.

You must be able to lift, climb poles, dig trenches for underground cables, and be in buckets up to 200 feet of the ground. These people risk their lives for us each and every day to try and make our lives a little easier. These workers also dedicate to their jobs even though some must be around harmful gases that can cause cancer or lung disease. These people are hard workers and do not take their job lightly. As individuals it is important to make it known that we appreciate what they do for us. They are very important and without them life would be very difficult.

Energy is defined as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Energy workers take their own energy and work to make our lives better. Think about what it would be like without electricity. We all have been through the power outages but try to take a few hours and turn it into an everyday situation. Without energy workers we would not even be able to turn on hot water to take a bath or shower, or blow dry our hair instantly, how hard it would be to keep your milk cold so it wouldn’t spoil, or keep your meat fresh so it did not go bad?

Think of what it would be like to not be able to entertain yourself by going to the movies, or listening to your new CD, or getting on the computer to chat with your friends. People have become so depended on electricity that without it life is not imaginable. On an average, about 1. 6 billion people live without electricity in the world. These people must use things like wood, coal, and even dung to heat there homes. As a result, 1. 6 million every year die because of air pollutants.

Try and picture that as if you and your family were living in these conditions. Energy workers make it possible for you to live comfortably and have a safe environment. Electricity has become a part of all we do in our lives. We use it in hospitals, schools, work places, and business and so on. Think of a hospital and how it would not be possible to save lives if there were not workers behind the scenes making the electricity for the lights to see, the tools to use, the beds to move, or the electronics they use to monitor your heart rate.

Think of the world’s public school system. If there were no energy workers it would be very challenging to learn. We use computers to write papers and to study. Think of all the stuff teachers use to grade your papers, to communicate with the school board or your principle without actually seeing them face to face. How much education opportunities would decrease, for example, a computer designer, a photographer, hair stylist or even a meteorologist. Honestly, without these people working to produce energy, there would be nothing to live for!

These energy workers have made it very suitable to live but really what would life be like without them. Our forefathers have come a long way. They did not have all the technology that we have today but they still managed to live. This was not an easy task but they did what they had to do to survive. Energy workers have been improving our society for hundreds of years. Before the early 1800’s, before the light bulb was invented, available light sources consisted of oil lanterns, gas lamps, and candle light. In 1816 the first US energy utility is founded.

As the years progressed, energy has been used in numerous ways. New technologies redefine the way we use electricity today. Electricity is very much an important part of our lives as well as the energy workers behind the scenes working to make it all possible. For an energy worker there are numerous responsibilities. From hundreds of years ago, before electricity was invented, we have come a very long way. Energy workers have made it possible to make our every day chores easier to obtain. We do not realize how much simpler they make it for us.

As a result, we have opportunities to better our education, to be safe in our environment, to communicate without hassle, to eat food without getting sick, to drive our cars and to save lives. Energy workers take much time to make sure our life is suitable. Each day there is someone who is helping keep this process going. It’s crazy to think of how much electricity we use on a daily basis and how much it would impact our lives to be without it. As we move forward, technology is improving every day. Hopefully one day this technology will help make these energy workers jobs easier.