Interview a high school administrator and an elementary administrator. During the interviews, discuss the following topics: 1. What are discipline issues that often arise with special needs students? From my personal experience of dealing with special needs students they often become frustrated when they are unable to grasp the information. Also these students become overwhelm when they there the teacher is moving from one subject to another.

The students then shut down and often times cries or goes into a defensive mode and refuse to do the work. 2. What challenges, if any, do administrators and teachers face in regard to special needs students? Administrators and teachers faces challenges when it comes to students can be a higher student to teacher ratio, when special needs students are mainstreamed into the classroom with students who are not special needs. Lack of experience that teachers and administers may have when dealing with severe special needs students. 3.

How do disciplinary decisions and actions vary between special need students and regular education students? The actions in my school are pretty much the similar. It may require a little more explaining to the special needs child why they are facing a particular punishment. But the methods we use are the same. 4. Do special needs students understand that disciplinary decisions and actions may vary between themselves and regular education students? Again like I stated at the school in which I work the disciplinary action taken are the same as if the student was in regular education.

The reason why is because we want do not want the special needs child to feel that they can get away with inappropriate behavior due to their disability. This is why as teachers we always go over the rules and regulations for our class. 5. Do parents of special needs students understand that disciplinary decisions and actions may vary between their children and regular education students? It depends on the parent but now with so many parents wanting their child to feel as if they belong and feel a since of independence that they encourage the same type of disciple procedure and policy. 6.

How do parents of special and regular education students react to the differences? Again there is not much difference we try and keep everyone the same. 7. What role does the district play with regard to decision making? There are rules and decisions that are made by the school system itself in regards to sever offense like bringing a weapon to school, drugs, and fighting. who provides directions and training to the administrators and teachers to ensure they are following IDEA regulations about discipline? The school system sets furlough days that provide teachers with continued training