Macbeth kills King Duncan and Romeo kills Tybalt. Like most tragic heroes, Eddie has respect at the beginning of the play because he is caring for his wife and cousins who are illegal immigrants and he tries to advice the family as he is the head. This is similar to Macbeth because he was a ma of respect because he was strong and a good fighter and Romeo was a ma of respect because he was a calm person, peaceful and would not get into fights with is enemies. At the beginning Marco shows Eddie respect by calling him by his first name “Eduardo” to show he is in a higher status and has to be treated formally.

Beatrice shows Eddie respect by saying “you are an angle” meaning he is a good willing man who helps people when they are in need just like an angle would. However, Miller is using irony as in a tragedy the Gods curse the hero, rather than bless them. Louis shows respect by telling him “believe me, Eddie, you got a lot of credit coming to you” meaning he has done a lot to help Marco and Rodolfo and he has been a good man in the community and defiantly disserves credit. Eddie gradually loses respect by making accusations about Rodolfo.

He made accusations about him when he was talking to Beatrice, he said “he sings in the ships and now they call him paper doll” He also makes accusations about him by telling Catherine he is only marrying her to become an American citizen and when he is talking to Alfieri he s accused him of being a thief ad a homosexual. Eddie tried to degrade Rodolfo in front of Catherine by kissing her to show he is in power and can humiliate somebody. He also tries to show Rodolfo is week and can’t defend his woman. Eddie also degrades him self by kissing another man in front of Catherine. This is an irony because earlier he called him a homosexual.

Catherine will not respect him anymore because it’s a disgusting act and not a man would do. Miller has him doing this bestial behaviour with brute force to try to impose his will and also trying to suggest that brute force is the way to solve things. In the 1950 such acts in stage would repel the audience. Marco becomes Eddies Nemesis. Nemesis is an ancient Greek goddess who hunted down wrong dower restlessly and won’t settle for half, and was regarded as implacable. Marco in a is implacable because the only for him to buy medicine for his children is by working which he can’t do due to the incident that happened earlier.

This is similar to “Macbeth” . Mucdaff is implacable because Macbeth has killed his wife and children so he wants to get his own back. Early on in the play makes it clear by making Eddie say “Marco goes round like a man, nobody kids with Marco” This is ironic because later n in the play Eddie is going to kid Marco. Miller also shows that Eddie is strong guy by making Mike say “that older one, the boy is a bull”. Miller chooses the bull image because it is a strong fierce animal that represents brute force. At the end of act 1, he makes it clear Marco is stronger than Eddie in the chair challenge.

At this time Marco warns Eddie to keep off. It is a real physical strength that Eddie can’t do but he can. Miller emphasises Marcos brute strength and show if you have strength over somebody you don’t have reason. Beatrice tries to tries to stop the final confrontation by firstly she tells Marco to go for the wedding between Rodolfo and Catherine to avoid Marco who will come to the house “let’s go some place. Come” she then tells Eddie that he always liked Marco “you got noting against Marco, you always liked Marco”. Beatrice says “I love you” and if he loves her he wouldn’t fight.

Beatrice’s plea with Eddie several times but every time she does it Eddie has a reason. For example when Beatrice tells him to go to the wedding to avoid Marco, he said “where am I going? This is my house” showing that he is not scared and ready to fight for his reputation. Rodolfo also tries to stop the confrontation by going down to his knee and kissing in a Sicilian gesture of respect Eddies land and told him Marco is in the church praying. Eddie still rejects Rodolfo gesture of respect because he has no respect for him and most importantly he wants his respect back. Miller styles this confrontation in the form of a western gun fight.