Every young person has dreams. Dreams are a great sense of purpose.  When a student joins college, they are already aware of what dreams they have and what path to take. However, there are situations when dreams change and you decide to pursue another area. A good job should be the one you love and interests you anytime you do it without considering the monetary value. Some people already have jobs but still want to pursue something that will make them happy are also included. Depending on the reason you chose it, there has to be an underlying reason why it is very special to you.   We all have dream jobs and what drives us to them. They help us make the right choices in career paths.

During my high school years, I always wanted to be a teacher. From their friendliness and hard work, I always loved teaching. A teacher’s life, as I thought I to be peaceful, fun and interesting. The way our class teacher taught with ease made me love teaching. Imagining of helping children while giving them direction to be better people in the future was what attracted me even more. Looking at their innocent and happy faces ready to learn is anybody’s dream.  My grandmother had been a teacher for the longest time and I felt the need to walk in her footsteps as she had a fulfilling life. She had always told me it was due to the interacting with children that gave her the purpose to live and through that she had strength to live and see them every day. I also wished to experience that and that gave me the drive of working hard and performing better.

However, with time, my dream job changed.  I felt more interested in being a doctor. I started seeing life from a different prospective when I lost my grandmother to Cancer. It was painful seeing her in pain everyday while getting weaker and weaker without proper medication. She had lost her hair to the chemotherapy and had greatly lost weight. Her health greatly deteriorated with the numerous vomiting and reduced appetite. All that agony made me feel the need of helping others with the same condition. She had suffered a lot and I had no way of helping her and that really broke me. Her tears motivated me in pursuing medicine after high school and I was ready for it.

Not long after my grandmother’s death, my mother fell ill to cancer. Imagining of the pain I had seen my grandmothers eyes left me broken. I wanted to help her get better, find cure or end the pain but I didn’t know how. All that anguish and broken heart made me be encouraged to help other people. Cancer, having become one of the deadliest killer disease in the world, I felt the need to accomplish my dream of becoming a doctor. Having taken care of my mother during her sickness encouraged me and I researched a lot about cancer and asked questions but hers had developed into a critical case. There was no cure for her as it had reached the final stages. All her pain gave me strength to help other people. I started with awareness on lifestyle changes in our area to prevent cancer and the need to go for screening and testing for cancer regularly to determine your health. If detected early, it can be treated and you live a better life.

I was not strong enough but my mother’s demise left me determined, courageous and strong. I was ready to conquer everything o my path to meet my desire. My past view of doctors was their tight work schedules; they had difficult work and their better pay. Little did I know of their contribution to our wellbeing? They sacrifice their time and commitments to help the sick get better. That is the value of life, helping other people without minding about you. Two years ago, I enrolled in college to study medicine and am even stronger and determined to succeed. I promised my mother to be a doctor and help others by easing or ending their pain and am ready for it. It has overtime become my favorite.Dream job should be what you love and interests you. You have to give it your all if you decide on pursuing it. With motivation and reason why you need to do that will greatly help. Everyone has a dream and should not follow them because other people are doing th