To star with, the role of the Argentine educational system is based on the individuals’ integration into society. “The education is not just a role for the individual but for a social role”. (Minister of Education Daniel Filmus) According to this quotation, the time one leaves secondary school, we must learn about how we can fit into the larger society as well as how our abilities and skills can be used in this community. If we analyse it in detail, I find that we are defined as members of society that have to satisfy what is expected on us.

But Are we prepare enough to deal with everyday life? Do we have the available tools need it to face difficulties? In my opinion, in most of the cases, we, as students are fulfil with techniques, methods, and information rather than being trained to everyday situations. For instance to check out a paper, to introduce yourself in a new environment such as an interview for finding a job, or even to deal with the beginning of a career. Some students argue of having to learn certain subjects that in their view, they are useless for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, they end up giving up the subjects or what is worse; they study just to pass the exam. Contrary to what most people think, I strongly believe that student must finish their studies with a whole knowledge of the subjects impose in an education institution. Otherwise, they only know one aspect of a whole. So, whenever they have to face a difficult situation they use the phrase “That was never taught to me“. This is the reason why many teenagers give up their studies, because it

requires effort, responsibility. Values forget to be incorporate in the student’s mind. It is important to mention that, the role of the education is not to give the answer to every difficulty but to prepare and encourage you to develop your goals and the clue to make them true because educational institutions are capable of embodying ideals wholly and completely in all of their operations to prepare you for life. 10th November 2006New Member29