America had become very active in foreign expansion in the early 1890’s. America was increasing its industrial activities and productivity that called for the need of foreign markets. It is evident when America intervened about the boundary dispute that was between Britain and Venezuela.

Many argue that America wanted to extend its cultural beliefs, laws and way of life as they were expanding its foreign boundaries. It threatened to intervene if Venezuela was not treated with equal rights. It later contributed to the war between it and Spain when it tried to free Cuba from Spain. It worn and it had control over Cuba and an island that had Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Philippines. It was ready to support the china’s independence and ensure that all markets have the same access to the Chinese market (Joyce A., 2000).

Theodore, who came in to power after William was assassinated, had to ensure that America had acquired power over the world. America was able to build and have control over the canal built in panama after they had helped it gain its independence from Colombia. Using the Monroe Doctrine, America, showed that it had the right to involve itself with the Western Hemisphere’s internal affairs to avoid the wrongdoings that were seen to be chronic. The president sent his great white fleet to go round the world showing people how America had great power  after it they had offered some help to end the Russo-Japanese war (Joyce A., 2000).

During this time, America’s politics was becoming better. There was transformation of the city governments that were characterized by efficiency and honesty. Improvement of the housing in slums, education and health were made better by the hardworking social workers.

The governments in all states were democratic, human and very pure; free from corruption. There was creation of regulatory agencies by the national government which led to a great influence over the business enterprises. For example the conservation of trees and forests was guided by the Gifford Pinchot. To protect consumers from counterfeit goods and services by enforcing Pure Food and Drugs Laws.

There was an income tax amendment in 1913 that led to the government receipt of large numbers of revenues. There was formation of the two parties; republicans and democrats. There was an establishment of a Tariff Commission that came up when the Democrat president, Woodrow took over. He succeeded in lowering the tariffs.

There was a Federal Reserve System whose duty was to supervise the currency and banking market. There was a body that ensured there was open and free business competition. There was a foundation that was created to ensure colored people had equal rights as the whites; NAACP-National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (Joyce A., 2000).

The American firms were urged to invest in the countries neighboring the Caribbean. It main agenda was to ensure that the countries attain political stability due to the investments. America sent troops to end the revolutionary chaos in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and protect itself.

America used diplomacy to achieve control over Nicaragua. America engaged in World War I when its efforts to bring peace were crushed by the Germans who used submarines to attack neutral and allied shipping. It had to show that it had engaged in world affairs by fighting against German autocracy. Wilson, the president, had an aim to extended democracy and create world order that was just. He attained it by increasing his American troop to fight the Germans. It later on made the Germans to surrender and peace was brought back to the world. This led to the prevention of any aggression in the future (Joyce A., 2000).

In 1920, America saw its ay of life change as there was a lot of innovation and it later on led to one social culture of urban values. The innovations included: automobiles, hard surfaced roads, radio and motion pictures. The women later on gained access to national politics. They acquired roles in the government.

More inventions were made by the Americans; airplanes, electricity and communication systems. Henry Ford produced cheap automobiles to ensure that every American could afford. There was introduction of capitalism that was brought by President Hebert Hoover. It brought to the American people the spirit of individualism. More Americans had moved to live in the city as referenced by the 1920 census (Joyce A., 2000).

In the recovery from the great depression ordeal, business men and farmers corporated in pricing goods thus give profits that would allow them to hire more individuals. Roosevelt, who was the president, induced a monetary policy and aid to increase consumer purchase of goods so as to fight the low economy. This reform was successful and later made the American system to change (Joyce A., 2000).

America saved its people from the rule of Adolph Hitler, who wanted to take over Europe. If he had taken over, then it meant that trade between America and the European countries would come to an end or they would have to be under his rule. It showed its world power when it supported Great Britain to fight Hitler. Word War II came in when the Japanese took this chance to hit America to prevent it from gaining world power.

America joined forces with Great Britain and fought Hitler until his death where he committed suicide. Truman was left with the responsibility of fighting the Japanese. He succeeded by allowing the use of atomic bombs thus the Nagasaki faced the destructions of Hiroshima. This led to the Japanese surrendering and later on leading to the Japanese rearranging their constitution and economy to suit that of America (Joyce A., 2000).

The current American people have greatly benefited from the American foreign expansion policy. They have access to better health care, housing and good transport systems. The American citizens can trade with other countries and avoid unnecessary wars as they have helped a lot of nations from being oppressed. They have turned their enemies to allies; Japan and America can trade and discuss issues on markets without fighting. The current American citizens carry the pride of their fathers that they are the word powerful people.

The current republican president, George Bush, has extended the proof that the Americans are powerful by intervening in the war against terrorism. He tried to save Iraq from the merciless rule of their leader, Sadam Hussein. Until now, the US is fighting Osama Bin laden.