Conventional level of reasoning| h. It is wrong to take the moneybecause you may get caught and then punished| 9. Initiative versus guilt| i. the process by which an existing schema is used to understand something new in the environment| 10. Electra complex| j. the idea that changes in peopleand their environments occur in a time frame and unfold in particular patterns or sequences over a person’s lifetime|

SECTION C: Short answer questions Instructions for Section CAnswer all questions in this section. Record your answer on your answer sheet with the number and sub-section clearly labelled. 1) Distinguish between cognitive and physical development. [3] 2) Describe the types of research designs used in developmental psychology.

3) Outline TWO nurture factors that can influence the developmental process. [4] 4) Sometimes inherited defects can produce chromosomal abnormalities. a) What are chromosomal abnormalities?

State TWO characteristic features of a person with Down syndrome. [2] c) Give an example of another chromosomal abnormality and what it entails. [3] 5) Briefly outline what happens in fetal period of prenatal development. [3] ) List THREE important motor milestone displayed by infants in their first year. [3] 7) According to Piaget, newborns lack an understanding of object permanence a) At what stage of cognitive development do infants develop object permanence? [1] b) What must infants master or acquire in order to understand object permanence? [2] 8) Differentiate between separation anxiety and stranger anxiety. [3] 9) In the strange situation procedure, a baby who clings to the mother while she is present and who shows extreme distress when the mother leaves would be exhibiting which style of attachment?