Development Bank of the Philippines Essay Sample

In quest for better education, and in attempt to produce highly qualified professionals, our financial management student will be sent to different business firms and government agencies for practicum, or on-the-job training (OJT) for 324 hours this second semester.

This training with the objective of getting the students acquainted with, and gains more technical knowledge, through experience, the profession they have opted to. Hence, we are expecting that students of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Financial Management, in performing their OJT will be involved in opening of bank accounts, credit and collection, investments, assists in cashiering, treasury, budgeting preparation and other works relate to Financial Management.

Furthermore, we expect that the students will be performing their OJT during regular office hours, secured against untoward incidents, closely guided and supervised by the company’s staff who at the same time will evaluate the students as to the extent of job performance, skill, and proficiency acquired. In connection with this, we will be sending an evaluation form. We also expect a certificate from you upon completion of 324 hours.

Considering the circumstances stated above, will it be possible for our students namely, ROBELYN A. VILLA, PAULYN L. MUTIA and REYMARK Q. MUSTERA to take OJT on your establishment? We will be grateful to you for taking in our students, and will also recognize your contributions in molding our students into highly qualified and competitive professionals. The students will be monitored by the Program Adviser, during office hours.