Crossword notes

muller vs oregon restricted the number of hours ________ worked
national womens party
used civil disobedience to campaign for women’s suffrage
percent of women in college in 1910
1.75 million working in 1900
industrial workers of the world
union created by socialists
first state to grant women full suffrage
reformers who worked to improve American society
18th amendment
outlawed the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol
antisaloon league
league that supported ban of alcohol
alice paul
president of the National Women’s Party
william haywood
leader of the IWW
middle class
large number of progressives were from this class
most powerful labor union
created by susan b anthony and elizabeth cady stanton
womens clubs
met to discuss social and political issues and raise money for the community
national urban league
helped American Indians move north, find housing, and jobs
florence kelley
led the crusade against child labor
triangle shirtwaist fire
tragic industrial fire that killed 146 in 1911
system in which the governement own and operates a country’s means of production
lochner vs ny
ruled states could not restrict working hours
muller vs oregon
upheld laws limiting women’s work hours
susan b anthony
helped create NAWSA
atlanta compromise
speech by Booker T Washington in which he argues that African Americans should focus on improving education
system in which businesses own and operate a country’s means of production
the majority of mexicans worked in this field
ida b wells barnett
wrote anti-lynching stories
WEB Du Bois
took a direct approach in fighting racial injustice and helped create the NAACP
first area in the US to grant women full suffrage
the industrial workers of the world wanted to overthrow
congress restricted immigration from this country
society of american indians
did not fully understand the views of American Indians and their need to preserve tradition Indian culture
carrie chapman catt
became president of NAWSA in 1900
immigration from this country increased in the early 1900s
organized by Du Bois to fight discrimination
19th amendment
gave women the right to vote

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