Crime is an act which goes against certain laws or rules that can affect several people and result in the punishment to the person who commit a crime. The consequences of crimes usually result in loss of human and possessions; causing many people to suffer. Life in prison should be very strict, tough and difficult. The reason for this is to make criminals realize what they have done and will be able to learn from it. There should not be any forms of entertainment or leisure activities so that it can be distinguished from life of a normal person.

Those who commit crimes deserve to live in difficulties and struggle with them without complaining or disagreement. It is the price that they have to pay as relating to the aftermaths they have left on the community. Besides that, there should be a certain discipline in prisoners’ lifestyles. For example, they must wake up; start working for the community and rest in a certain amount of time that will be strictly controlled. There have been different types of punishment depending on the level of seriousness of different cases.

Personally, I don’t completely stand against the death penalty. It is the price which criminals who commit murder or cause serious injuries to others should pay. It is also fair for those who suffer from such crimes and will make them feel justified. Moreover, the death penalty is a correct sentence to serious and dangerous criminals who still have the potential to commit crimes again in the future. It will help to prevent the community from being anxious, feeling unsecured and worrying.

On the other hand, being fair to the victims is sometimes unfair to certain “criminals”. According many cases in the past, there have been misunderstanding and wrong judgments which led the death of unjustified people who were believed to be criminals. Usually, without a death penalty, further investigations and studies can be done as to somehow prove a criminal innocent whereas hidden detail and twists within a case would be revealed. Therefore, the fairest punishment really depends a lot on different countries with different laws and enforcements.

However, it is still very worthwhile to carefully work out different cases so then correct sentences and fair punishment can be given. Manslaughter is the crime of killing which is done unintentionally or accidentally whereas murder is killing someone deliberately and on purpose. Despite the fact that both of them involve death manslaughter is still an accidental action. It could be people defending themselves from danger or protecting others from certain suspicious individuals.

It is not what they want but have to do in such emergent circumstances. Whereas murderers can not have any true statement as to deny their actions once they have already had an attempt to kill someone. Therefore, people who commit murder and manslaughter should never receive the same punishment when instead of, for example, giving “manslaughter” a death penalty just like murderers, their sentence should be less serious. This will also help further investigations to take place and prevent wrong verdicts to be made.