Because in modern like now, the use of technology is indispensable. * Evidence: For example, in science lessons we need google to find any sources of data, research, and so on. We can do the online test, learning via web, get a lot of knowledge and up to date. Reasearch shows that a primary school in Singapore (Nan Chiau), apply a learning program which aims to make student more take-over the learning process and also communicate better.

This learning program is have been successfull in improving students ability to analyze and answer the question, especially in learning english and science. They also use an application to create diagrams, concept maps, and also insert text and photos to complete the task that they make. Then the teacher also use the application to check for assignment and give value. * Link Back : Using mobile phone in school is not a negative thing, but is very usefull in supporting the learning process.

Theme Line 2: “Bring the mobile phone will able control students with parents” Argument 2: * Assertion : Because it make among students and parents easier to communicate * Reasoning : Mobile phone as a communication tool is need to be brought to school, it will make parents easier to control the students, and make students easier to apprise their parents at home. * Evidence : For example, sometimes there are something happen in school that make student had to go home later.

Their parents at home would be worried if their children come home late. And then, the mobile phone as a medium of communication can be very help parents to control their children. Or, the student can be more easily to give the news to their parents if they will be come late to home via mobile phone by call or sms. So, the parents do not feel worried. * Link Back : It shows that bringing mobile phone to school is not just usefull in learning process, but usefull for communicate among student with their parents too.

My opinion and solution: I think the student can be allowed bring their mobile phone to school but they should be keep their mobile phone in their bag, for emergencies or just it needed. If mobile phone were allowed the teachers could make sure they are not texting their friends or cheat to internet when exam by supervising them well, and make a punishment if they are caught.