Most people prefer to have cats and dogs as their pets. They are very friendly and act as companions in many homes. They are considered to be mans friend because of their loyalty and trust. They are fun to interact with but they have features and aspects which make them different to the other. They may have a varying character but they are all lovable. In the United States, almost 36% of the people keep dogs as pets while 30% have cats. From this numbers, you can see dogs are most kept. They offer protection and they easily adapt to being part of the family than the cat. How is the cat different to the dogs? Even though, they are domestic animals, they have things that separate them.

Dogs and cats have similarities that make them unique as pets. They all need attention and love If they receive these from their owners, they sure will interact well as well as please them. To some, they become like children in the home with an added advantage of helping you manage your stress. They all give birth to multiple babies and they care for them well. However, you may find their hair everywhere in the house. They are also very good company for both the young and old. Moreover, you will need to train them on where to relieve themselves or eat to keep the house clean. They are best friends and they can differentiate emotions as they are intelligent.

These animals too have differences. If you have less time at home and you only have few breaks from work, then, the dog should not be your choice. This is because; dogs require a lot of training. They pick up concepts slowly and you may need to train them again and again to be better part of the family. If they are not trained well and you are not available, you will have to clean the entire compound be.  As you train them, they may need your attention more. They like spending more time with people and are bet companions. They boost your mood every time you come home even if you are tired and had a bad day; they jump and lick your face with happiness. On the other hand, cats do not require a lot of training. They learn fast and adapt to your expectations of cleanliness and availability. Most of them may not spend more time in the house rather on their own outside but will always come back to the house. They are not very much into attention but they may make you happy when you watch them play.

Cats are considered cleaner than the dogs. They spend most of their waking up time cleaning their body with their tongue. If they have little ones, they clean them as well. Unlike dogs, you may have to bath them all the time. When you train cats where to go to the bathroom, they will surely learn fast and follow the rules. However, for the dog, you will take a little more time to get the concept. Another feature which makes them different is their size. Dogs are large while cats have a smaller body. There are some dog breeds that grow to a height of a normal sized man while cats grow into a medium sized dog.

They all exercise differently.  Dogs are always considered athletic from their strong and light muscles. During your workouts, dogs can be your best company. Some of their breeds enjoy hiking and running and you can always tag them round during your workouts. This trait makes them easy when hunting or playing. Cats on the other hand have lean muscles for pouncing on prey or your feet when playing. Additionally, the dogs are very active and playful unlike the cats. Most cats sleep during the day and goes out during the night while dogs prefer occasional naps at a time with your company. However, if you train your pets on matters of time, they will always have a routine to follow. Moreover, the dogs have the ability to follow commands unlike the cats that do not. This is because dogs are smart and can follow commands such as sit down, shake hands and so on. Cats are hard to train on normal commands because they love freedom and their independence.

People have a different expectation of the pet they want to keep. Be it depending on time, character, physical attributes or the reason, we all have different preferences. Cats and dogs have both similarities and differences but they are very unique creatures which needs your love and attention to be effective.