Columbia College Psychology 101 Quiz 6

According to Ellis, the result of a situation that causes stress is called a(n)
Between activating events and consequences, Ellis proposed that __________ could increase the level of stress experienced.
Betsy paces herself in her work, tends to be less impatient, and also tends to be less ambitious. She fits a __________ pattern.
Type B
People with higher levels of self-efficacy are more likely to
Lose weight or quit smoking
A cancer patient has decided to face his/her disease with courage and make whatever adjustments are necessary to enjoy his/her remaining time. According to Kobasa, this patient demonstrates the ___________ characteristic of psychological hardiness.
Who tends to see their fate as out of their control?
Your friend Suki’s grandmother has always told her that happier people experience less stress. Since she knows that you are taking a psychology course, she asks you whether or not psychologists would agree with her grandmother. Which of the following would you be most likely to tell her?
Yes, Grandma was correct, research has shown that humor can moderate the effects of stress
The ability to predict a stressor helps to
Reduce stress
Gene knows he will be having surgery to remove a tumor in his neck. He has done research to learn about the procedure. This knowledge will help him most if he has
An internal locus of control
Which statement most accurately depicts the role of “predictability” as discovered in research on stress?
It decreases the impact of stress
Stress researcher _________ described how the body responds to stress in his concept of the general adaptation syndrome.
Hans Selye
Mark sees an attacker approaching him with a knife. During his reaction, he experiences increased energy and a faster heart rate. This is caused most directly by
Adrenaline and noradrenaline
Sarah is a Japanese American. If she eats a diet typical of other Americans, she can expect
the same death rate as other Americans despite genes
Behavior patterns that heighten the risk for cancer include all, but one, of the following. Which one is the EXCEPTION: smoking, eating high fiber foods, sunbathing, and drinking alcohol
Eating high fiber foods
According to Peggy Blake and her colleagues (1984), which of the following did college students rate as stressful: graduation from college, academic failure, going on vacation or all of the above?
4. All of the above
The amount of stress resulting from daily hassles and life changes depends upon the individual’s
1. cognitive appraisal of the situation.

2. personality type.

3. both a & b

4. none of these

3. both a & b
Being pulled in two directions at the same time is called
Individuals who are highly driven, competitive, impatient, and aggressive are referred to as
Type A
Among individuals with similar IQ levels, which of the following tends to make more money and have higher grades?
Type A
A demand made on an organism to adapt is called
Lazarus found that daily hassles include all of the following
Health issues, financial responsibility hassles and work hassles
Rita is concerned about her job security and her ability to make her mortgage payments. These concerns can lead to
Physical illness
Mark is trying to make a choice between asking Helen or Lorelei to a party this weekend. He’s having a tough time deciding because both are equally appealing options. This is indicative of a(n) __________ conflict.
Kathy hurt her back. She is afraid to go to the doctor because she is worried it is serious, but she is also concerned that it will only worsen without treatment. This is
Avoidance-avoidance conflict
According to Ellis, a situation, such as failing a test, which results in stress is called a(n)
Activating event

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