The world we live in at the present time is growing with population every day we all walk out the door. To have thought on what the world will look like or the direction it is going in is over whelming me in thoughts of what will be. Many don’t have a clue to what is going on around us on a given day unless they have the phone in the ear or money is changing hands. I however have thought about what could happen and feel we need to start looking further in the future if we plane on having one. I would consider a colony on another planet to help save humans and generations coming up.

I propose this based on the world is getting over populated and are resources are running out. Global warming is upon us and has bin for over 20 years leading to temperature changes in are atmosphere, cosmic activities are popping up in areas we would not consider activity. I believe if the population continues at this rate we will run are planet dry. The ozone layer that protects us is breaking down each day and feel that one day it will let go and poison gas will take us out, and suffocate us in the very place we would be standing.

We need to protect are future and give younger minds a change to survive. To help global breakdown we need to have options for people to survive. If we look at global warming and what its doing we can see that health risk can be affected such as asthma, and the spreading of West Nile Virus, with the rising of carbon dioxide levels. Sea-level rise is another affect that global warming is effecting are planet as we continue to over look the dangers around us. The Pacific Island states would see the first wave of this affect if the water levels continue to rise.

This colony would inhabit a type of Biodome, an enclosed structure that would protect the colony from the harsh environment of an alien planet. The colony, named Nvidia, would be able to recycle their oxygen and waste using plant life and have developed a technology to produce water from the alien planet. Social and economical concerns would be the next primary concern to developing a colony outside of Earth and would provide the foundation for how the colony would evolve. Settlement of Nvidia would be completely voluntary to Earth residents and would be determined using a lottery system.

Lottery submissions would be limited to individuals over the age of eighteen with a maximum age of forty-five. Each lottery entrant would have the option of also entering a spouse and a maximum of two children to be included on their lottery ticket. Minors submitted under their parents lottery ticket may be under the age of 18. No individuals entering the Nvidia lottery, including spouses and children, may have any type of communicable disease including but not limited to, HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis, Malaria and Polio.

Individuals with any history of mental illness, including people prescribed mood or mind altering drugs and people with any history of substance abuse are not eligible to join the lottery under any capacity. People with any type of genetic defect, including mental handicaps, will also not be considered for the lottery. Lottery applicants must also meet a certain educational criteria, with at least one spouse having a Bachelors degree from an accredited four year college or university and a proficiency in the English language.

A maximum of twenty thousand people will be chosen every five years for a twenty five year period, with a maximum of a hundred thousand people chosen for the colony of Nvidia. This would give a substantial genetic base to promote the natural evolution of the colony. Nvidia will have a democratic government structure based on communist principles. Every five year period residents over the age eighteen will elect eleven government officials who will work together to govern the colony.

Elected government officials will only be eligible to serve one five year term. Important decisions and rules will be voted upon by the eleven government officials until a consensus is determined. This voting process will allow people to elect prominent members of their community who they believe will make responsible decisions, with the five year term there to prevent corruption and give equal opportunity to residents who have a desire to govern. All residents of Nvidia will be considered equal and each person will provide a role in society.

Mandatory education and job training will be provided in the fields of agriculture, medicine, education, engineering and other areas pertinent to the success of Nvidia’s ecology and development. Residents can choose to be trained as farmers working to supply the colony with food, medics who provide healthcare needs, engineers who develop the technology needed to keep Nvidia self sustaining, mechanics who maintain that technology and teachers who provide the valuable knowledge needed to be proficient in a field.

The colony will produce its own textiles and paper products, with both those industries leading to even more job opportunities. Every person over the age of eighteen will be required to choose and train for a job. With every resident contributing to the colony, all the colonies resources can be equally distributed. People will not be paid for their work, but will also not have to pay for goods and services. Nvidia’s population will be small enough that this system will be sustainable.