college of cardinals

Balthasard hubmaier
• Leader of the Anabaptist and was a strong proponent for adult baptism
• Was mostly influential thorugh his writings
• Wrote on free will and governmental authority.
• He was constantly hunted by in imperial authority hubmair was caught and convicted of heresy and was burned at the stake
Act of supremecy
• English parliament recognized henry 8 as the Supreme head of church of engleand
• Act aslo required loyalty from English subjects that recognized his marriage to ann bo lyne
• it was repealed in 1555 under Mary I, but in 1559 Parliament adopted a new Act of Supremacy during the reign of Elizabeth I.
double predestination
• bleife that god preordained some people to be saved
• but also created some whos sole purpose was to be sent to hell.
• remission of sins
• in catholic and pre reformation Christian churches indulgence is the rid of sins through a sacrament
• in theory any sin could be absolved no matter the severity.
Menno simmions
• was an Anabaptist religious leader
• was a contemporary leader of the protestant reformers
• his follwers were later called Mennonites
audlt baptism
• chgristian baptism mostly protestant churches that descened from the English Baptist and anabapstis belief
• person baptized by his or her profession of faith of jesus Christ
• also their admission into a liocal community of faith
• contrasting belief
o infant baptism
o young children are baptized in parents both profess their faith
edict of nantes
• issued april 13 1598 by henry 4 of france
• granted calvanist protestants of france rights in a nation considerably still catholic
• in the edict henry promotd civil unity
• edict separated civil from religious unity
• treated some protestants for a first were somewhat accepted
• This was the beginning to a cecullar gov.
• Religious reform movement in the late 16 and 17 centuries
• Sought to purify the church of England from the reminants of the roman catholic church
• Sought to church reform for their lifestyles to be the universal lifestyle
• Caused a civil war in englan and the founding of the colonies in the Americas.
Oliver Cromwell
• English soldier and stateman
• Led parliemntary forces in the English civil wars
Roger Williams
• English protest theorlogain
• Early propentnat of religious freedom
• Brought about the idea of the separation b/w church and state
• Created the first Baptist church
Parable of the tares
• Parable of jesus in one of the canonical gospels in the new testment
• According to Mathew 13:24-30.
o During the final judemnet the ganels will separate the sons of the evil one and the sons of the kingdom
Jacobus aminius
• Theoglogian and minister of th dutch refromed church
• Opposed the Calvinist teaching on predestination
• Developed arminanism
Frist great awakening.
• Began in 1730s and lasted to about 1743
• Pastorial styles began to change
• Pastors began to give their sermons which were theorlogical dense
• The eladers of gereat awakening had little interest in engaging parishoners intellects , sough a strong emotional response from congregations as their proofs of the saving grace
• Anglican evangelinst
• Creater of the Wesley tradition.
• Not a specific relgion but a particular perspective on the representation of god
• Bleived that there is a god.
• But once he created the universe
• He retreated having no further interactions with the universe after
Free will Baptist
• Believe the bible is the exact word of god
• Doctrine holds to the tradiotioal armoniy and ttradiontion
• based on the belief in a General Atonement, that it is possible to commit apostasy, or willfully reject one’s faith.
• They belive individuals are saved by faith and kept by faith
Lorenzo dow
• American preacher
• To have preached to most people in his era
• Important figure in the second great awakening
• Was also a successful writer
• His autobiography was a best seller second to only the bible.
Joseph smith
• American religious leaderand founder of the latter day saints movement
• Modern day Mormonism
• At 24 published book of Mormon
• Established cities and temples and created a lasting religious culture
Richard Allen
• Founder of the African Methodist episcapol church
• Was the first bishipn of the AME church
• AME is the oldech denomination amoung independent African American churches
college of cardinals
• Body of all cardiuansl
• Advise pope on church matters when pope calls upon them.
• They come together to help solve a papal vacancy when needed.
Investiture conflict
• Conflict bw church and state in mideval Europe
• Pops challenged monarchy on over control of investatures of church officials such as bissip and abbots
• Althohg th conflict began b/w pope Gregory the 7 and Henry the IV.
• Struggle was b/w henry and the papascy of paschal II in 1103-1107
• The controversy was fiannly resolved by concordat of worms in 1122
• Attempt the end hostility b/q Edward I of England and Phyillip of france
• Over the issue of taxation of clearhu without papal consent
• When Boniface issued a bull forbidding such taxation Phyllip fought back
• Boniface was soon taken captured by phullip and his supporters because phillip heard that Boniface was planning to ex communicated him.
• Bonniface was soom released, but died a few days later
Unam sanctam
• Papal bull of pop Boniface
• Issued on November 18 1302- in answer to phillip who denied the popes authority
• Only part of document that is not reversible is
o We declare, say, define and pronounce that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of every human creature to be subject to the Roman Pontiff”
Bernard of clariveux
• Most prominent personalities of 12 centruy and middle ages and church history in general
• He gave new impulse to monastic life
• Influenced ecclastical affarirs outside of monastic affairs
• Contributed little in awakening inner piety of large circles
• Revered by his contemporaries as saint and prophet, his writings, which belong to the noblest productions of ecclesiastical literature
Jan huss
• Work was transition b/w medivaly and reformation periods
• Anticipated the Lutheran reformation for over a century
• In a bitter conirveroy of the wester schism throughtot his carreer
• Found guilty of heresy and burned at the stake

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