Chromosomes Pre-Test answer keys

Which diagram shows a homologous chromosome pair that has homozygous alleles?
petit arm (short arm)
Consider the chromosome.

Which is indicated by the letter a?

Which is the cell structure that is made of DNA that gives the master instructions for the cell?
the long arm of a chromosome
In cell biology, what does the word queue describe?
Anita thinks that she has heterozygous alleles for red hair. If she is correct, which of these diagrams best illustrates Anita’s alleles for red hair?
B(aa) on the left side of the homologous chromosome
Which diagram shows a homologous chromosome pair that has heterozygous alleles?
gene ->chromosome -> nucleus
Which flow chart best shows the relationship between the cell structures that are listed?
male with Klinefelter syndrome
Turner syndrome occurs in females who instead of having two X chromosomes have either only one X chromosome or a fragmented X chromosome. Klinefelter syndrome occurs in males who have multiple X chromosomes. Consider the karyotype.
Which illustration depicts homologous chromosomes?
Justin is looking at two chromosomes that have identical alleles for a particular trait. These chromosomes would be considered _____chromosomes.

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