Chem review Quiz #5

Atomic numbers
The observed regulatories in the properties of the elements are periodic functions o their…
Atomic mass
Elements in Mendeleevs periodic table were arranged according to their…
metals only
Most of the groups of the periodic table contain…
a nonmetal only
An element is a gas at room temperature. It could be…
lose electrons and form positive ions
Atoms of metals tend to…
high heat conductivity
Which property is a general characteristic of metallic elements?
gain electrons and increase in size
When a metal atom combines with a nonmetal atom, the nonmetal atom will…
larger radius
A Mg atom differs from an Mg2+ atom in that the atom has a …
Which of these atoms has an ionic radius smaller than its atomic radius?
lose only one electron
Whena potassium atom reacts with a bromine atom the potassium atom will
a metallic solid
At room temperature potassium is classified as…
At room temperature which substance is the best conductor of electricity?
both metals and nonmetals, it’s a metalloid
The element arsenic has the properties of
C, Si, Ge
Which list of elements contains two metalloids?
K, Mn, As, Ar
Which set of elements contains a metalloid?
Period 4, Group 15
On the periodic table, an element is classified as a metalloid can be found in
Which element in Period 4 is classified as an active nonmetal?
A property of most nonmetals in the solid state is that they are…
low thermal conductivity and low electrical conductivity
Which properties are characteristics of nonmetals?
Which element in Period two of the periodic Table is the most reactive nonmetal?
Which element is brittle in the solid phase and is a poor conductor of heat and electricity?
Which element in period 4 is classified as an active metal?
The presence of which ion usually produces a colored solution?
colored ions in solution, multiple positive oxidation states
Which set of properties is most characteristic of transition elements?
Which salt contains an ion that forms a colored solution?
Which group in the periodic tables contains an element that can form a blue sulfate compound?
Aqueous solutions of compounds containing element X are blue. Element X could be…
exhibits metallic and nonmetallic properties
Pure silicon is chemically classified as a metalloid because silicon…
Which compound forms an aqueous solution?
1000. kJ
Which value represents the first ionization energy of a nonmetal?
As the elements of Group 1 are considered in order from top to bottom, the first ionization energy of each successive element will
smaller radius and lower reactivity
Compared to an atom of potassium an atom of calcium has a…
All elements have valence electrons in the same principle energy level.
Which statement describes the elements in period 3?
As atoms of elements in Group 16 are considered in order from top to bottom, the electronegativity of each successive element…
A nonmetal could have an electronegativity of…
high ionization energy and high electronegativity
Which properties are most common in nonmetals?
nonmetal with a high electronegativity
A diatomic element with a high ionization energy would most likely be a…
Which element at room temperature is a poor conductor of electricity and has a relatively high electronegativity?
Within Period 2 of the Periodic table, as the atomic number increases, the atomic radius generally…
Atoms of which element have the smallest radius?
The radius of the potassium atom is larger because of its smaller nuclear charge.
Which statement best compares to the atomic radius of a potassium atom and the atomic radius of a calcium atom?
According to the reference table, which of the following elements has the smallest radius?
upper right
In which area of the periodic table are the elements with the strongest nonmetallic properties located?
At group 1 on the bottom
At which location would the most active metallic element be found?
upper right corner
In which sections of the periodic table are the most active nonmetals located?
What is the total number of elements in Group 17 that are gases at room temperature and standard pressure?
1 and 2
Which of the following groups in the periodic table contain elements so reactive they are never found in the free state?
Which halogen can only be prepared from its fused compounds?
nonmetal to metalloid to metal
As the elements in Group 15 are considered in order of increasing atomic number, which sequence in properties occurs?
K and Na
Which elements have the most similar chemical properties?
Because of it’s high reactivity which element is normally obtained by the electrolysis of it’s fused salts?
Which element in Group 17 is the most active nonmetal?
Which of the following Group 15 elements has the most nonmetallic properties?
number of valence electrons
The elements Calcium and Strontium have similar chemical properties because they both have the same…
Which Group 15 element exists as a diatomic molecule at room temperature and pressure?
Li and Na
Which two elements have chemical properties that are most similar?
Li, Na and K
IN which set do the elements exhibit the most similar chemical properties?
Which of these metals loses electrons most readily?
If M represents an element in Group 2 the formula of it’s chloride would be …
Li, Be and B
Which group below contains elements with the greatest variation in chemical properties?
Which element in Group 15 would most likely have luster and good electrical conductivity?
They have two valence electrons and they form ions with a 2+ charge
Which statement best describes group 2 metals?
Which element in Group 15 has the strongest metallic character?
Chlorine and Flourine
Which halogens are gases at room temperature and pressure?
In which group of elements so the atoms gain electrons most readily…
Which element is more reactive than strontium?
Group 2
The oxide of metal X has the formula XO. Which group in the periodic table contains the metal X?
As the elements in a group of the periodic table are considered in order form top to bottom, the metallic character of each successive element generally…
gain electrons more readily and increases in nonmetallic character
AS the elements in period 3 are considered from left to right, they tend to …
An atom of which element in the ground state has a complete outermost energy level?
Which of the following group 15 elements has the most metallic properties?

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