Sanitary landfills are required to include all of the following except:
a) Plastic lining

b) Recreational facilities

c) Vents

d) Drains

Fresh Kills is famous for being the world’s largest:
a) Incinerator

b) Dump

c) Golf course

d) Penitentiary

Which of the following regarding landfills is false?
a) Tipping fees are a measure of the availability of landfill space

b) New York City’s garbage is disposed of in a landfill on Staten Island

c) NIMBY attitudes make it difficult to find landfill space

d) Tipping fees in the U.S. are highest in the northeast

All of the following sites are famous for having hazardous wastes except:
a) Love Canal

b) Staten Island

c) Times Beach

d) Hudson River

This legislation accounts for hazardous waste “from cradle to grave”.
a) Clean Trash Act

b) Superfund/CERCLA (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation & Liability Act)

c) RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act)

d) Clean Air Act

RCRA (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act) regulations adhere to these two elements:
a) Tracking and permitting

b) Creating and storing

c) Burning and burying

d) Reducing and recycling

Which of the following statements is false?
a) CERCLA is the legislation that established the Superfund

b) All cleanup of Superfund sites has ceased

c) The Superfund tax has lapsed

d) CERCLA provides that cleanup of Superfund sites be paid for by a special tax

All of the following are sources of controversy in the Superfund program except:
a) The Brownfields initiative

b) Toxic liquids pose more health risks than buried toxic solids

c) What to do with toxic materials removed from sites

d) Establishing what company is liable for pollution at a site

All of the following wastes are regulated by the EPA except:
a) Coal ash

b) PCBs

c) Dioxin

d) Municipal solid waste

Of the 210 million tons of municipal solid waste disposed of annually, which of the following constitutes the greatest percentage by weight?
a) plastic

b) food

c) paper

d) glass

Volume reduction is an important step in dealing with the massive amounts of solid waste generated by society. Which of the following is not a method of volume reduction?
a) composting

b) land filling

c) recycling

d) incineration

Which of the following statements concerning sanitary landfills is false?
a) It is important that they have drains for liquids and vents for gases

b) They must meet standards set by RCRA

c) They are the most common method of municipal waste disposal

d) They should be sited in sandy soil

Which of the following regarding recycling is false?
a) Paper cannot be recycled indefinitely and thus eventually must be put in landfills..

b) Recycling helps to ease the demand for landfill space.

c) Laws requiring refundable bottle deposits provide an effective way of encouraging recycling.

d) Recycling is profitable because of the booming market for used metal, glass, and plastic.

Which of the following statements is not true about hazardous waste sites
a) The Resources Conservation and Recovery Act contains provisions aimed at preventing the problem in the future

b) Love Canal and Times Beach became famous for the health threats they posed

c) Hazardous waste sites have all been cleaned up by the Superfund program

d) Brownfields are former hazardous waste sites that are designated for industrial use.

All of the following methods of waste disposal have been outlawed except:
a) Landfills

b) Open dumps

c) Dumping into rivers, lakes, and oceans

d) Open incineration