Chapter 39.

flulike symptoms.
Most cases of anthrax begin with
The LEAST harmful form of ionizing radiation is:
require multiple terrorists working together.
Most terrorist attacks:
an EMT is exposed to a victim who has not yet been decontaminated.
Cross-contamination occurs when:
You are assessing a 30-year-old female who presents with respiratory distress and tachycardia after she opened a package that was delivered to her home. The patient tells you that there was a fine white powder on the package, but she did not think it was important. This patient has MOST likely been exposed to:
Pulmonary anthrax is the most deadly form.
Which of the following statements regarding anthrax is correct?
antidotes, antibiotics, and vaccines are distributed.
Points of distribution (PODs) are strategically placed facilities where:
A 52-year-old male presents with a fever of 102.5°F and a severe headache. As you assess him, you note the presence of multiple blisters on his face and chest, which are all identical in shape and size. This patient’s clinical presentation is MOST consistent with:
All of the following are vesicant agents, EXCEPT:
are usually not treatable.
Unlike bacterial agents, viral agents:
patient’s distance from the epicenter of the explosion.
The type and severity of wounds sustained from incendiary and explosive devices primarily depend on the:
The means by which a terrorist will spread a particular agent is called:
pulmonary edema and circulatory failure.
When introduced into the body, ricin causes:
know the current threat level issued by the Department of Homeland Security.
As you and your partner report for duty, you check your ambulance and begin talking about the possibility of a terrorist attack. The MOST effective and appropriate way to determine the likelihood of this happening is to:
seep out of the blood vessels and tissues.
Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHF), such as Ebola, cause the blood to:
a potent bacterial neurotoxin.
Botulinum is:
Which of the following chemicals is a nerve agent?
explosive weapons.
To date, the preferred weapons of mass destruction for terrorists have been:
All of the following biologic agents or diseases can be transmitted from person to person, EXCEPT
salivation, pinpoint pupils, and diarrhea.
Signs and symptoms of exposure to a nerve agent include:
Pulmonary hemorrhage and inner ear damage are examples of __________ blast injuries.
weather conditions.
In determining the potential for a terrorist attack, you should routinely observe all of the following on every call, EXCEPT:
Solid organs are relatively protected from shock wave injury but may be injured during the secondary or tertiary blast phase.
Which of the following statements regarding blast injuries is correct?
any agent that acts as a carrier or transporter.
A disease vector is defined as
Exposure to _________ would MOST likely result in immediate respiratory distress.
domestic terrorism.
The Centennial Park bombing during the 1996 Summer Olympics is an example of:
_________ rays easily penetrate through the human body and require several inches of lead or concrete to prevent penetration.
a secondary explosive device may detonate.
Continual reassessment of the scene at a suspected terrorist or WMD incident is MOST important because:
VX, a highly persistent nerve agent, can remain in the environment for weeks to months.
Which of the following statements regarding the persistency and volatility of a chemical agent is correct?
single-issue group.
An attack on an abortion clinic would MOST likely be carried out by a(n):
any agent used to bring about mass death, casualties, or massive infrastructural damage.
A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is MOST accurately defined as:
are identical in their development.
The skin lesions associated with smallpox
The process performed to artificially maximize the target population’s exposure to a biologic agent, thereby exposing the greatest number of people and achieving the desired effect, is called:
terrorist nations do not have the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon via missile or bomb.
At present, the likelihood of a nuclear attack against the United States is very low because:
Dirty bombs could injure victims with both radioactive material and the explosive material used to deliver it
Which of the following statements regarding a “dirty bomb” is correct?
All of the following are vesicant agents, EXCEPT

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