What social class owned the majority of the land in France?
The French middle class (bankers, merchants, etc.)
A tax paid by peasants to the church
A tax paid by peasants to the nobility
no monarch, new gov., new constitution, separation of powers, checks and balances, bill of rights
What where some American influences on the French Revolution?
The king’s palace
fair taxation
What did the 3rd estate try to establish in the meeting of the Estates General in May 1789?
National Assembly
What was the 3rd estate’s new government called?
The Tennis Court Oath
What was it called when the National Assembly swore to keep meeting until they had a constitution?
In order to prevent National Assembly meetings, King Louis XVI used _______?
the Bastille
In what prison were opposers from the National Assembly kept?
political prisoners
What was the Bastille usually used for?
July 14, 1789
When was the Storming of the Bastille?
angry mob of 3rd estate storms jail, sets everyone free, and tears down jail
What happened at the Storming of the Bastille?
the Declaration of Independence(all men are created equal) and the Bill of Rights(stated freedoms)
What two American documents inspired the French Constitution?
Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
What is the French Constitution called?
groups of women stormed the Bastille and forced him to give up power
What happened when the king showed distaste for women’s rights?
Marie Antoinette
What was King Louis XVI’s wife’s name?
King Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and their son
Who’s beheading ended the French revolution?
Corsica 1769
Where and when was Napoleon Bonaparte born?
Napoleon’s parents where _______? (nationality)
he was short, had an Italian accent, and was not wealthy
Why was Napoleon not well-liked among the French Army?
Napoleon ascended quickly in the army ranks. In ______ he became commander of French forces in Italy.
1797, refuses
In ________, N. returns to France and is put in charge of an invasion of Britain. However, he ________ and decides to attack colonies instead.
Rosetta Stone
While in Egypt, N.’s troops find the __________.
Who deciphered hieroglyphics using the Rosetta Stone and is now called the father of Egyptology?
Coup d’etat
What did Napoleon participate in in 1799 in France?
an overthrow of the government
What is Coup d’etat?
In Napoleon’s new government, what was he called?
In 1804, N. names himself __________,”Napoleon the First”, .
the Napoleonic Code
What is Napoleon’s set of laws called?
Who still uses the Napoleonic Code?
the right to choose profession (ended feudalism)
What is an important thing that the Napoleonic Code established?
The Haitian slave revolt lasted from _______ to _______.
Haiti was the ______ country in the western hemisphere.
What was Haiti’s major export?
What was the first major cause of revolt in Haiti?
Who’s was the first conspiracy for revolt in Haiti?
poisoned them
What did Mackandel do that caused the death of 100 slave owners?
colonies could only trade with the mother country
What did the Exclusif establish?
__________ were discriminated against in Haiti and this attributed to the slave revolt.
The French Revolution (end of classes/estates)
What revolution inspired Haiti to have their own?
a Voodoo ceremony
The actual revolt (in Haiti) started at what?
the Dominican Republic, blockaded
Spain attacked Haiti from _______, and Britain _________ the island.
Toussant L’Overature
What former slave/ military officer helped the Haitians beat Great Britain and Spain?
the Black Napoleon
During the time of “Peace”, what was L’Overature called?
loss of work (slaves), loss of sugarcane (wealth)
Napoleon realized that France was suffering from the Haitian Slave Revolt because of _________ and ________.
Napoleon sent his ________ to help revive slavery in Haiti.
yellow fever
Many French soldiers die from ___________ in the attempt to regain Haiti.
January 1, 1804
On what date did Haiti finally become independent?
Great Britain
Napoleon’s Grand Empire consisted of most of Europe with the exception of ____________.
pride for one’s country
The fall of nationalism- ___________- greatly attributed to the fall of Napoleon.
What country was N.’s first defeat?
When N.’s forces reached Russia, they discovered that everything was _______ down.
N. is captured in Russia and first exiled to ______.
Waterloo, Belgium; Great Britain
N.’s last loss is in _________, to ___________.
St. Helena
Napoleon is exiled the second time to __________, an island in the South Atlantic.