Britain gained control of southern, Britain gained control of northern, Britain gain control of palm oil trade.

In 1914 Britain claimed all of Nigeria as a colony.

Asia, Russia, and Britain wanted to bring Persia into their sphere of influence.

Twice Persia gave up territories to Russia do to defeat.

Persia became more appealing in 1908 due to oil discovery.

Persia lacked capital, so British took control of oil fields.

Queen Liliuokalani
Took the throne of Hawaii in 1893.

Called for a new constitution that gave her more power and restored political power of Hawaiian at the expense of wealthy planters.

Was overthrown by businessmen in 1893.

Refers to British rule after India came under the British crown during the reign of Queen Victoria after sepoy mutiny.
Was a Zulu chief .

Used highly disciplined warriors and good military organization to create a large centralized state.

His successors were weak and unable to keep the kingdom together.

A policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, economically, or socially.

Occurred throughout most of Africa

Boer war
Boers where Dutch
settlers, to African land.

War was between British and boers.

Boers launched commando raids and used guerrilla tactics. The British fought back by burning their farms and imprisoning women and children in disease ridden concentration camps.

Crimean war
Between Russia and the Ottoman Empire attempt for Russia to get a warm weather port.

Britain and France didn’t want Russia to gain anymore land so they combine forces with the Ottoman Empire and if defeated Russia.

Was the first war woman had positions as nurses (Florence Nightingale).

Was the first were covered by newspaper correspondents.

Emilio Aguinaldo
Leader of the Filipino nationalists.

Claimed the US promised independence after the Spanish-American war ended.

Declared independence and Established the Philippine republic.

Sepoy mutiny
Sepoys are Indian soldiers.

British jailed sepoys who disobeyed orders.

Menelik II
Became the Emperor of Ethiopia in 1889.

Signed treaty, was tricked into giving all of Ethiopa two Italians, declared war (battle of Adowa), won!