Chapter 0 – Psychology In Action

Applied questions
Questions that ask you to use, or apply, information from the text.
Conceptual questions
Questions that ask you to think about the ideas or concepts presented in the text and demonstrate that you understand them.
Concept maps
A visual organization of key concepts, terms, and definitions that are found in each section of your textbook.
Copying someone else’s ideas or exact words and presenting them as your own.
A memory trick or strategy that helps people remember.
A type of mnemonic that utilizes a list in which items can be remembered in some way.
The peg-word method
A type of mnemonic that requires a person to first memorize a series of “peg” words – numbered words that can be used as keys for remembering items associated with them.
The method of loci
A type mnemonic that requires a person to imagine a familiar room or setting, and then “place” each point of the speech in a location around the room.
Verbal/rhythmic organization
A type of mnemonic that uses rhyming or organization to help a person remember; for example, “ROY G BIV” is used to remember the colors of the rainbow.
Put it to music
A type of mnemonic in which a person makes up a song to remember information, such as the alphabet song.
Learning style
The particular way in which a person takes in, or absorbs, information.
Study methods
Different ways of studying, some of which may work better for some people; types of study methods include verbal, visual, auditory, and action.
One of the best-known methods for reading textbooks. SQRRR stands for Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Recall/Review.
To think critically about what you have read by trying to tie the concepts into what you already know.
Active listening
Listening attentively by making eye contact with the speaker and by facing the speaker. When actively listening, sit in a place where you can easily hear and see the speaker.
Factual questions
Questions that ask you to remember specific facts from the text.

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