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CLEP History of the United States 1: Early Colonization to 1877

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Jacques Cartier claimed area of the St Lawrence River – Montreal – for france, also searched for the NW Passage Huguenots French Protestants came to New World to escape catholic french persecution. were massacred by the spaniards. Francis Drake English captain, sailed around the world. Funded by Queen […]

Essay Questions Popular Music Test

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Accessibility? cont. c) The Invention of Talking Pictures – People no longer had to physically be in contact with an instrument or people who were trained performers. They could now go to a movie to hear music instead of having to physically be in the vicinity of performers. […]

Psychology Chapter 1&2

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page sir francis galton contributed to the development of the personality test abraham maslow and carl rogers are associated with humanistic pyschology Psychologists who use psychological principles to solve immediate problems are practicing applied science participants in an experiment who are exposed to the independent variable make up what […]


Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Keratin proteins are made of long chains of ______________ linked together end-to-end like beads. amino acids Hair texture describes the ______________ of a single strand of hair and is classified as fine, medium, or coarse. diameter Waves that process more quickly and produce firmer curls than true acid […]

World History Chapters 12 / 24

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Sun Yixian The chosen president of the new Chinese republic after the fall of the Qing dynasty Usman dan Fodio Called for social and religious reforms that set off an Islamic revival across West Africa. Trade deficit When a nation imports more than it exports Purdah An Indian […]

DBQ, Compare and Contrast, and CCOT rubrics

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Compare and Contrast -Thesis must be explicitly stated in the introduction or the specified conclusion of the essay Compare and Contrast -Thesis may appear as one sentence or as multiple sentences Compare and Contrast -Thesis that is split among multiple paragraphs or merely restated the prompt is unacceptable […]

AP World History Chapter 9- Vocabulary Terms

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Charlemagne (742-814) King of the Franks (r. 768-814); emperor (r. 800-814). Through a series of military conquests he established the Carolingian Empire, which encompassed all of Gaul and parts of Germany and Italy. Though illiterate himself, he sponsored a brief intellectual revival Medieval Literally “middle age,” a term […]


Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page 34 y/o scientist is exposed to aerosolized 125Iodine while synthesizing a radiolabeled compound; What is the best treatment? Potassium Iodide A Diabetic has sensation to pinprick and vibration decreased from just above the ankles distally; The patient is most likely to describe the pain as? Burning Explain why […]

U.S. History Chapter 10 Section 1

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Wilmot Proviso Bill that would ban slavery in the territories acquired after the War with Mexico Secession Decision by a state to leave the Union Compromise of 1850 Series of measures that were intended to settle the disagreements between free states and slave states Popular Sovereignty Idea that […]

Lit. Analysis: Poetry Midterm Unit

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page John Hollander: By the Sound “Dawn rolled up slowly what the night unwound” Hayden Carruth: Saturday at the Border “Here I am writing my first villanelle” (different style) Sonnet 14 Lines of Iambic Pentameter. Petrarchan and Shakespearean are the two types. Petrarchan Italian origin, octave and sestet. Rhyme […]