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American History 101

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Northwest Passage a waterway through or around North America Pilgrims English Puritans who founded Plymouth colony in 1620 Columbian Exchange The exchange of plants, animals, diseases, and technologies between the Americas and the rest of the world following Columbus’s voyages. Joint Stock Company a business in which investors […]

AP World History Unit 3 Review: The Early Modern Era

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Hundred Years War series of campaigns over control of the throne of France, involving English and French royal families and French noble families. England loses and losses half of its land but that land was in France. The negative impact- France became an absolute power. Positive impact- France […]

AP United States History Key Words Review

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Separatist vs. non-Separatist Puritans Radical Calvinists against the Church of England; Separatists (Pilgrims) argued for a break from the Church of England, led the Mayflower, and established the settlement at Plymouth Northwest Passage believed to provide shortcut from Atlantic to Pacific, searched for by Giovanni de Verrazano for […]


Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page with what does emerson credit Moses, Plato, and Milton? they ignored books and traditions, and they expressed their own opinions and thoughts what does every man discover at a certain point in his education? envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide, and that he must take himself for better […]

WGU College Algebra (In Progress – based on homework)

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page (1a7) Multiply negatives 1) Two negatives = negative result 2) One negative, One positive = positive result (1a8) Multiply fractions 1 ) Multiply the numerators 2) Multiply the denominators (1a9) Reciprocal of a fraction 1) Switch numerator and denominator 2) Do not change sign Opposite vs. Reciprocal of […]

AP Euro Ch 18 The Promise of the Enlightenment 1749-1789

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page What did the writers of the Enlightenment call themselves? A. Penses B. Philosophes C. Bibliophiles D. Incroyables B What was the opinion of Enlightenment writers on the role of religion in society? A. They believed that religion was the key to social and political reform and within its […]

Chemistry Regents Review

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Which three things does hydrogen bond to FON Lose Electrons- Oxidation Gain Electrons- Reduction Anode does– oxidation Cathode does– reduction A ring of 6 carbons exhibits.. substitution What is the charge of neutrons neutral The atomic number is equal to the number of what in the atom protons […]

US History 1301 Test 1

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Hernando Cortes well educated conquistador that traveled to Cuba to become famous but left due to it already being conquered; conquered Mexico and Aztec Indians Encomienda used by Spanish to reward conquistadors; Indians used as slaves, and many died due to European diseases so more Indians would be […]


Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page make up el maquillaje brush el cepillo comb el peine shaving cream la crema de afeitar deodorant el desodorante to dry off secarse to wash lavarse to brush cepillarse to dress vestirse to put on ponerse to shower ducharse to wake up despertarse, leventarse to go to bed […]

US History Chapter 23

Get Your Essay Written Starting At $12.99/Page Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) 32nd president New Deal program planned by FDR to end the Depression Glass-Steagall Act established the FDIC which protects people’s savings in the bank Federal Securities Act regulated stock information given by companies Agricultural Adjustment Act(AAA) helped farmers by raising crop prices by lowering […]