Career Management obj 1-3

What statement is TRUE of military training?
Training is provided on-the-job and through specialized schools
Volunteer experiences may help a student:
Confirm career choices
Skills useful in the workplace are often developed:
Through volunteer activities
A formal program of on-the-job training and related instruction by which a worker learns an occupation under the direction of a journey worker is:
An apprenticeship
Training at this type of school is for a specific job or trade.
Proprietary school
The skill that is basic to all studying is:
When finishing the test before time is called:
Make sure all questions are answered
When taking notes, a student should:
Organize notes by chapter or date
In multiple choice testing:
Read the questions and then all of the answer choices.
A person who is seeking an Associate degree will most likely choose to attend:
A community college
Which is TRUE of community colleges?
They have an open door policy
Education and training provided by an employer that usually takes place at a work site is known as:
On-the-job training
A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor’s degree in a specific discipline is a:
College or university
A paid or unpaid, practical, work experience through which a student or graduate gains practical experience under supervision is:
When taking notes, a student should:
Write notes in his or her own words
Every postsecondary educational institution requires:
An application for admission
An effective individual career planning program for high school includes:
Choosing appropriate courses
If a student plans to run a horticultural supply store, high school courses in which subject would be most helpful?
Which type of financial aid must be paid back?
A good source for scholarship information is:
Counseling offices
In North Carolina, a primary source for financial aid information is:
College Foundation of North Carolina
Which high school subjects and occupations are most closely related?
Foreign language and travel agent
A student who wishes to enroll in a dual enrollment course will be required to take which test?
After a student decides to pursue postsecondary education, the next step is to:
Submit an official application
A student who wishes to work with computers should pursue which NCDPI career pathway?
Business Technologies
A four-year career plan developed for use in high school should reflect:
Courses to support the student’s chosen career goal
Which type of program would a community college provide?
College transfer
For a student entering the medical field, which career-technical course would be most helpful in high school?
Allied Health Sciences
When considering a student for admission, most colleges look at all of the following EXCEPT:
How many of the faculty a student knows
Which is an example of a poor study skill/habit?
Completing easiest assignments first
Making career decisions while in high school gives a student time to:
Select appropriate courses
Career pathway allow a student to:
Choose a sequence of courses for their career interest
Which is a state-wide graduation requirement for North Carolina high school students?
Three credits in science
Which is an example of a Career-Technical Student Orginization (CTSO)?
Bachelor’s Master’s and Doctoral degrees are awarded by:
Colleges and universities

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