Business Plan for a New Venture

Executive summary

This plan focuses on the provision of fat-free product in the market. It is due to the increasing trend in which customers are now familiar with the effects of different products they consume have on their health. With the rampant cases of cancer, heart pressure, and other food related illness, consumers have become selective in deciding the products to purchase. However, the change indirectly offers an opportunity for new investors to provide products that are not harmful to the users. This business plan, therefore, expounds on introducing Grasshopper Burger as a new product that will cater for these health problems. Apparently, this product will be availed to everyone though the major target group will be the vegetarians as well as the just adventurous people. The business will be run as a restaurant where marketing and sales promotion will be used to inform customers about grasshopper burger dish, price, and places where they can be found. With the affordable pricing strategy enacted, the projection is expected to flourish within the shortest time possible. It is, therefore, anticipated that locating the hotels in the main towns will be fundamental in accessing the target market.



Table of Contents

Executive summary. 2

1.0 Business descriptions. 4

1.1 Mission of the Company. 5

1.2 Business Goals. 5

1.3 Facilitators. 5

2.0 The Industry Analysis. 6

3.0 Marketing Plan. 7

3.1 Target Market 8

3.2 Sales and Promotion Strategies. 9

3.3 Pricing Strategies. 10

3.4 Competition Analysis. 10

4.0 Operational Plan. 10

5.0 Development Plan. 11

6.0 Financial Plan. 12

7.0 Conclusion. 13

8.0 References. 15








Business Plan for a New Venture

1.0 Business descriptions

The US tourism and hospitality industry have currently experienced various significant changes in the range of products offered. These changes have been spurred by the variable consumer needs and preferences. Additionally, health issues also play a vital role in determining the kind of products demanded by customers. This business will, therefore, customize in producing grasshopper burger across the United States. The grasshopper burger is a unique product that will be provided at an affordable price to customers who are restricted by their health conditions from consuming beef and dairy product. This investment will be carried out under the name “Plan a Restaurant.” It will be the first hotel that will be destined to offer the best quality products and services to vegetarians as well as adventurous people across the United States. The business will be registered as a private limited company. The owners of the company will delegate the management of the business to professionals who have worked in the hotel and hospitality industry for long. The progress will be periodically evaluated based on the performance and realization of the objectives formulated each and every time (Bradley, 2010).

With the increased awareness of consumers about the health problems associated with excessive consumption of dairy and other products with lots of fats, this business is expected to receive a high acceptance by customers within the shortest time possible. Besides, the company will be located in the New York City. The choice for this City is because of a vast number of populations of about 8.5 million who will serve as the potential customers. The business is expected to expand to other towns and cities that are densely populated as well as near tourist attraction centers where it is evident that visitors are more adventurous and will serve as the target customers for the new product.

1.1 Mission of the company

Being a new venture that has never existed in the targeted geographical regions, the company will operate with the mission of providing excellent grasshopper burger with the best taste ever to the customers. Apparently, the provision of quality products and services under this mission creates a high possibility of giving customers a holistic experience.

1.2 Business goals

The primary purpose that will ultimately depend on the mission statement is to grow and expand further. Growth and expansion significantly rely on the effectiveness of strategic plans enacted by the management. The smooth monitoring and evaluation of the firm plans will be a yardstick in propelling the company towards the achievement of the growth objective.

1.3 Facilitators

This new venture will derive its success from four important factors. These factors will serve as the pillars of success, and they include the following:

  1. Hiring of the qualified and experienced employees. These staff will play a primary role in formulating efficient operational strategies hinged to overcome the hostile external business imperatives as well as align the organization to its business objectives. Also, the experience in the hospitality and restaurant sector will offer a great opportunity in understanding most of the trends that influence the industry.
  2. Secondly, the location of the business in strategic points will provide an opportunity to access to a large pool of customers. As earlier noted, the company will be located in the main towns and tourist attractions areas to enhance the access to a large market.

iii.    The provision of a unique product. Indeed, the grasshopper burger is a product that has lacked in the market for an extended period. The uniqueness and merits associated with consumption of the product will significantly impact on the demand of the grasshopper burger’s menu.

  1. The affordability of the product will also be fundamental in enhancing acceptance of the product among the customers. With the consideration of the threat of stiff competition that will be posed by competitors, the pricing strategy will significantly aid in enticing customers to buy the natural product.

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