Breast cancer is a global disease that even though it is very serious, early detection can make a huge difference in a female individual. My article discusses the idea, and it is an idea because as stated, it is a preliminary finding which requires further investigation, nevertheless, I think it’s good to start from somewhere. The article states that high fat diet during puberty increases the risk of breast cancer.

The finding was made through a study from the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program at Michigan State University, which indicated that before any tumors appear, there are changes in the breast that include increased cell growth and alterations in immune cells. I believe this is a great topic for a health science class for students, has many other broader areas of work and subject to further discuss such disease and preventions that can be made and helps teachers have more knowledge as to what diseases can be prevented from articles like this one.

. This article helps a lot in a health science class. In health science it is important to teach students the different diseases that are killing many out there and the early preventions that can help reduce the risk of it become a disease, in this case, cancer. In a health science class, we can discuss food groups and differentiate what are high fat diet foods. Also, we can deeply discuss puberty, which usually half of them know, because even their parents are too shy to discuss such topic.

Sometimes students see changes in their body and have no idea why, and I think this subject links puberty to a well discussed topic in a classroom. Finally, being able to discuss breast cancer, and other cancers can link a great topic for a health science class, discussing what is a cancer, how it develops, how it is reduced and moreover and most important, how it can be prevented.

Discussing about how high fat diet plans during puberty increases the risk of breast cancer, we as teachers can link this topic in other subject so students grasp the information, share it with their families and spread what can save a life in their community. In English, writing essays as to how you would inform the community of what high fat diet during puberty can cause can link the topic. In social studies, students can be engaged in the global social month of cancer awareness which is in the month of October. And

finally linking health science with English, and social studies, to help more and broaden such article, we can engage in different arts and craft that visually help to explain students and others of how we help in cancer awareness, know what it is and how we can spread the word. Articles like this one are very important to students and teachers for the betterment of self-knowledge and also to help the community. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.

We have made a lot of progress but still have a long way to go and articles like these make us have a broader idea of what can cause it and instead of finding ways to prevent it, once and for all be able to avoid it by taking the necessary steps to live better, longer and healthier. Students, females in this case are able to also avoid un-healthy dietary plans and take more care of them and us as teachers not only help increase the cancer knowledge of what can cause it to our students but moreover help our students share the information and make our community help a nation with more information flowing for the betterment of everyone.