A value network can be termed as a combo of inter-organizational process that shows good for create a product or a service (Timmers, 2008). The value network of BMW is as shown. THE CAR has various set up locations as well as manufacturing devices with each set up unit featuring its own supplier of uncooked materials needed to make a product. Also there is certainly an inner value chain of the assembly line within themselves. The finished product is again reciprocated to the manufacturers and collectively it provides rise to the organizations or maybe the firm’s own value string.

The organization has its channel value string. The channel value chain for THE CAR is divided on the basic of design, price and location. BMW offers its potential customers products which range from a “Mini” to the higher ending “Rolls Royce”. These products have a different price and segmented effectively in answer to the concentrate on market. BMW also has price variants in accordance with the locations it is striving in. For example THE CAR is priced on a slight lower side in the Asian markets in comparison with the UK or US market. The consumer value string is based on the channel value chain BMW offers namely price, design and location.