Best Sport in the World

The smell of fresh cut grass, the sun beaming straight down on you and the heart skipping beats as the game starts off. That is the best weather for a soccer game kick off. Soccer is the best sport in the world regardless of what people say and think. It requires a lot more skill, it is the most popular sport in the world, and it is different than all the other sports. Soccer isn’t like other sports where you can catch a ball, throw a ball, or hold a stick in your hand to hit the ball.

You need a lot more skills to play soccer; you need to run constantly, have great foot skills along with knowing how to use the rest of your body, and also be able to see what’s going to happen before it does to make plays. On average a soccer player runs about seven miles per game. Have you ever heard of the World Cup or the Champions League? I’m sure you have, because these two events are the biggest competitions in the world, also the most watched sport.

A lot of counties outside of North America live and breathe soccer from there youth to thee elderly. Soccer is so different then playing other sports. I’ve played a lot of different sport and nothing feels as good as playing soccer. When you make a perfect pass or score a goal the feels that you get are overwhelming that it gives you goose bumps. A soccer game can be played very beautifully.

It’s not just about how many goals a team scores but how well they play the game and the kind of plays they set up. Not only do people get paid a lot in football, baseball, and basketball, but also in soccer. If you’re a super star then you will get paid even better then the top athletes in the other sports. Messi and Ronaldo are the top two highest paid soccer players, Messi’s salary is thirty one million a year and Ronaldo’s salary is thirty million a year.

You might not be the best player in the world but there are so many teams around the world, making it easier to land a paid career playing soccer. You can’t go wrong with playing soccer. It’s all around the best sport you can play in the world. You have a better opportunity to get paid for soccer; it requires more skill and fitness, and the World Cup is the biggest, best event in the world. If you love sports and are always down for a challenge, try playing some soccer and see if you can do it.

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