?English is the language used to communicate in business and workplace settings around the world. And it’s not just native English dialect you need to get used to, you will also come across non-native spoken English at conferences, in presentations and during meetings. There are different genres, workplace culture, culture and politeness at work, professional identities, gender and leadership.

English and work place are command issue nowadays, there are many importance of English at the workplace such as to verbal communicate effectively with co-workers and client, to be able to write report effectively, listening a report or instruction, and to be able to present ideas for the company.. One of the importance English at work place is to be able to present idea at work place, with a good known in English language and able to talk in English we can express our knowledge, idea, or view easily to our audience.

In a meeting for example, we can argue or give a feedback to a presenter. This matter has been talk by few intellectual people in their book, conference, or talk. One example is “English language expressing idea and concept” (Mao, 2013) in her point of view says language therefor remains potential a communicative medium for a co- workers, in a daily basis talking or discussion for example among a co- workers, one person will easily influence other if his/her can express ideas and concept as well as moods, feelings and attitudes effectively.

English language is learnt through use and practice in daily with co- workers and people around us, this will expose individual capability to explore English in term of dialect and English tongue. In a workplace management can improve a English language or knowledge of their workers by sending them to course or English class, this will help workers to get accustomed with English.

Another of the importance English at work place is to be able to communicate effectively with co-workers and clients, with a well speaking in English we can deal with any background of customer even though they are well spoken or non-native spoken English effectively. According to Lieberson, 2012, certain level of communication can be subdivided on the basis of whether they are oriented towards co-workers or towards such outsiders as costumer, clients for the general public.

For this view its means English language are greater used by the workers to the outsider such as customer beside a co-workers. This is because workers will face a different customer from different English background, here shown that language is the main factor of the successes conversation among worker and his customer. Jyothi, May 16, 2012 says the reality is that the companies consider the candidate’s ability or inability to speak fluently in English as one the major selection criteria.

In these views its show different occupations will need different ability in skill of works and language used. Occupations can also subdivide in terms of the linguistic composition of co-workers and customers. There are separate way to talk with co-workers and customer, to talk with co-workers is an informal English used but for the customer must use formal language to attract and influence customer to believe and confident with what conversation for. One other of the importance English at workplace is to be able to write report effectively.

Writing is a medium of communication that represents language through the presence of signs and symbols. In most languages, writing is a supplement to speech or spoken language. Within a language system, writing depends on many of the same formations as speech, such as vocabulary, grammar and semantics, with the added dependency of a system of signs or symbols, Writing here doesn’t mean only write it but must can be read and understand, direct relationship between what was spoken and what was written.

This been talk and explain by many public figure, such as “Written text are often outcomes of spoken interaction” (Idelma, 2000), “negotiation, meetings, informal discussion and other manifestations of spoken discourse require crucial skills within the business world”(Charles and Charles,1999), “written language is a prized above speech”(martin,1985). The ability to express fluently in both written as well as oral form of language is very much essential for the career growth (Jyothi, may16, 2012).

This sentence come out with meaning of the power of English language that can improve the language user stage of life such as promote to high level jobs, with a English language worker will more easy to achieve organization goal, the price for it’s are career growth. As have shown, the conclusion is English communication skills are important if we are to build meaningful relationships with services users, careers and others.

It is especially important that we are able to build these relationships as social practice moves towards more market-based and organization policies and practices. These pose a number of challenges to practitioners in terms of our ability to create and maintain positive co-workers relationships. This is particularly true in those situations where managerial priorities based on the ‘three E’s’, effectiveness, economy and efficiency, (Stepney, 2000). English language at work place is the source of communication to improve skills of organization and to achieve organization goal.