“I am an ordinary person who has been blessed with extraordinary opportunities and experiences. Today is one of those experiences. ” – Sonia Sotomayor The person I am today is a fun loving, optimistic and humble one, with a love for sports and a deep passion for music. Although I am still at a constant search for my innermost character, what made me the young adult I am now are the people who influenced me along the way. My family, for instance. Growing up in a tight-knit household the size of the Kardashians, I have learned the value of family ties.

As the middle sister, I understand the importance of giving and receiving respect. Also, my close bond with my parents, grandparents and cousins turned me into an optimistic individual. Then, there are my friends. Playing music and sports with my friends are just some of the things I enjoy doing on my spare time. Having been surrounded by loyal friends while growing up has made me the fun-loving person that I am. I am a people person, and making friends is quite natural to me.

Lastly, my experiences in dealing with the less fortunate. My grandfather and uncle are both politicians, so growing up, I have been exposed to people living in depressed areas. I guess that’s what made me become humble and more thankful of my blessings. My mother once told me that life is an endless journey. So, even if I think I already know myself completely, there will always be a new experience that will introduce me to another side of myself that I still haven’t met.