The last paragraph and last opportunity to persuade your reader. Here you restate your thesis and include a ‘call to action’.
The final chance to get the reader to do something for you. It reminds or encourages the reader about attending an event, writing a letter to the President, or even just thinking more about a topic.
Persuasive Essay
An essay meant to convince or compel someone to do something that they would not normally do
Counter Argument
Opposing or contrasting argument; when you include the opposite point-of-view in your essay and explain why it is not good
Argumentative Essay
A persuasive essay that includes a counter argument. It is a more effective way to get your point across and convince someone of something.
The beginning of the essay. It is where you state your thesis (purpose and overview of your reasons), include background information on the topic and write your hook. It should be strong and enticing…it should compel your audience to read the rest of your essay.
The reason you are writing your essay. The point of your essay. Your claim. It explains what you want your reader to learn/know/do.
A simple, strong sentence. It states your purpose and a gives a brief overview of your (three) reasons. It should be included in your introduction and restated in your conclusion.
A short phrase or sentence that grabs the readers attention. It is often a question or an exclamation. It is located in the introduction. It should get the reader excited about your topic and want to read further.
Facts or evidence that enforce your claim/purpose and explain why your thesis is true. There should always be a minimum of three. Each one should be supported by real-world facts/hard evidence.
Something that actually exists; reality; truth, a true statement. They attempt to persuade the reader by showing how many people think it is true. Proof.