Holland code test is mostly used in career guidance and advising. Counsellors can explain the preferences or suitable career to their clients through the test. It is very useful to build self-awareness in clients and help them to know their strengths and weaknesses, preference as well as characteristics. It is very important that counsellor guide their clients in proper way to increase the effectiveness of Holland Code test.

First, advisor should ask some question related to students’ experience instead of fully explain to the students immediately. Being curious about the traits that appear in students’ life and how the experience having relationship with the outcome. This can help the advisor to foster the relationship with students. It is necessary to ask some question during conversation in order to increase the understanding of advisor towards students. Next, advisor should make sure that the result has been reviewed. However, avoid from over-preparing because this will hinder the exchange of opinion freely between advisor and students. Remember to listen carefully to clients and note down some important things or questions as well as ask some questions related to conversation. Last, advisor should remember that you are just giving suggestion but not help the student to make the decision, being neutral but not prejudice towards students.

There are six personality listed in the Holland Code Test, realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional. Everyone have their own personalities; understand it will enable you to work effectively and not being bored during job.

First, realistic people like to work with animal and non-organisms. Most of them will refuse to join the social activities. They are usually good in working with tools, machines, plants or animals. They value the things that can be seen and touched as well as used. This kind of person will see themselves as realistic, mechanical and practical.

The second personality is investigative. This type of person always sinks in solving arithmetic and sciences questions because they are good in calculation and problem solving. They always see themselves as scientific, specific and clever.

Third, artistic person like to do creative work like drama, art and dance but avoid from doing highly ordered things. They are very talented in arts and value it. These people see themselves as genuine, expressive and independent.

Next, people who are social will always help others. Most of them are good in teaching, guiding and counselling. They value solving the social problem. The most popular jobs that this kind of person will choose are teacher, counsellor and nurse. Social person think themselves as friendly and trustworthy.

Fifth, enterprising person mostly like to leading people and to sell their ideas but avoid them from careful observation. They value success in business, politics and leadership. They see themselves as energetic, ambitious and sociable people.

Lastly, conventional is people like to work with numbers and record it in an orderly set. This kind of person value success in business and see them as good in planning and orderly.

Criticism Of Holland Code Test

The reliability of Holland code test also being suspected by some critics. First, attitude of students towards the test will affect the result. It is very great influence that whether the students are being social desirability or not. Social desirability is respondents answer the questions in the way of desired by others or social. It means that respondents will over-report their desirable behaviour and under-report their desirable behaviour, for example, when students faced a question, “how often you play a game?”, the student might reply, “once a week”, although he or she plays game every day because they know that social belief students always play game are not good in studies. This behaviour will decrease the reliability of the test and cause the interpretation of advisor being wrong lead to misunderstanding in clients’ preferred job.

Some critics think that John Holland is neglect the cross- cultural effect. This Holland code test was formed in an industrial country, so the result may be inaccurate when it applies to people in non-developed country. This is because there are a big different in life and interest according to their living area.

Next, there are some critics claiming also that Holland code is conflict with the Person- environment Fit (P-E Fit). P-E Fit can provide combination between individual’s personality and career environment. Many critics said that Holland Code test is in a static view permanently but P-E Fit can only be achieved at a given point in time when career decision is made or at the point later on when the individual’s tenure at the organization has been analyzed. Besides, John Holland also neglected the stability which is an essential trait in person-job congruence, productivity and satisfaction.


In conclusion, Holland Code test have a great influence in students’ career decision. It can help student not feeling confused in choosing their work in future and increase the effectiveness in working due to the job chosen is their preference. Although there are some critics in this test, but it still cannot overtook the advantage and practicability of it. Doing some research before giving the test is useful in explanation and increase the reliability of the result.