I have developed an attitude of gratitude because it is good to give credit to whom they are due. As a result, I wish to give thanks for everything that happens to me knowing that every step forward is accepting something bigger and better than my current situation. Firstly I must say thanks to the respondents who cooperated by completing the questionnaires so data can be gathered, collected and presented. Secondly I must say thanks to the almighty God for giving me the health and strength as I preserve the task of completing this S. B. A.

I want to thank God for giving me the supportive friends who contributed in special ways. Special thanks to my Social Studies teacher Miss Sterling for aiding in the process of getting this S. B. A done and helping me to understand some of the topics associated with this project that was done not so clear to me. Their assistance was priceless and treasurable to me. Introduction This study was conducted in ….. , …….. in the Parish ……. and the county of ……… it has approximately one hundred and twenty households. It is approximately 15 kilometers from the ……………..

I have been living in ………. for the past sixteen years. During this time, I have observed how often men and women are been abused by their partners. ………….. is a farming community and residents are predominantly from the Indian race. The residents are employed in various occupations such as sugar factory workers, hotel workers, electrician etc. The community boasts a church, high school and restaurants. It is with this in mind that I have decided to conduct a study to investigate the major effects of spousal abuse in …….. Community. Statement of the problem

What are the major effects of spousal abuse in the ………… Community? Research Questions 1. What is spousal abuse? 2. What are the causes of spousal abuse? 3. What are some of the effect of spousal abuse? 4. What are some ways by which spousal abuse can be prevented? Rationale Spousal abuse is a long–standing, entrenched societal problem, yet it is only in recent years that the Belle Isle Road Community has taken notice of it. The researcher chose this topic because of the increased in spousal abuse which has been attributed to the rampant disregards for the decayed values and attitude.

There is, therefore the need to critically examine why men and women beat their partners Method of Investigation In order to collect data from survey, the researcher have decided to use printed questionnaires which were distributed to both men and women in the community. The questionnaire as a tool of collecting data has a number of advantages which are as follow: 1. The questionnaires were used because a lot of information can be collected in short period of time. 2. It facilitates easy data analysis, throughout the use of structured questions. 3. It is a reliable source.

There were sixteen questionnaires that were distributed on the 1st of January 2012 and collected on the 20th of January 2012. Instrument used to collect data Research on what are the major effects of spousal abuse on Belle Isle road Community? Dear Respondent, This research is being carried out to determine the major effects of spousal abuse in Belle Isle Road Community. This study is being undertaken as a mandatory task for a Social Studies course I am pursuing at present. It will contribute a percentage of marks to my overall grade in the may/June 2012 examinations.

. Be advised that your identities are not revealed so you are expected to answer the questions truthfully and honestly as possible. This is not a test there is no right or wrong answer. Most of the questions are followed by options with a box, so respondents are expected to place a tick like this for the answer of their choice. I am soliciting your assistance towards the completion of this project. Specific instructions are given where necessary. Thank you Yours sincerely …………… Questionnaires Research on what are the major effects of spousal abuse in Belle Isle Road Community?

Tick the appropriate box Gender [ ] Male [ ] Female Age [ ] 21-30 [ ] 31-42 [ ] 43-50 [ ] over 50 1. What is your occupation? ­­­­ ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­__________________________________________________ 2. To which ethnic group do you belong? [ ] Mixed Race [ ] African Descent [ ] Indian Descent [ ] Chinese Descent 3. To what family type do you belong? [ ] Nuclear family [ ] Extended family [ ] Reconstituted family 4. How long have you been residing in Belle Isle Road Community? [ ] 1-5 years [ ] 6-10 years [ ] Over 10 years [ ] under 1 years 5.

Have you experienced the problem spousal abuse? [ ] Yes [ ] No 6. Which gender is normally faced with spousal abuse? [ ] Male [ ] Female [ ] Both 7. What form of abuse you normally experienced? [ ] Physical abused [ ] Sexual abused [ ] Physiological abuse [ ] Verbal abuse [ ] Other___________________________________________ Please specify 8. Where does it normally happen? [ ] On the road [ ] At home [ ] Around friends [ ] Other place______________________________________ Please specify 9. What are the major effects of spousal abuse? [ ] Lack of confidence

[ ] Emotional disturbed [ ] Cheating [ ] Other_____________________________________________ Please specify 10. Does spousal abuse have any effect on the children living in the household? [ ] Yes [ ] No 11. If yes, what type of effect? [ ] Withdrawal [ ] Aggression to peer and other [ ] Poor academic performance [ ] Other__________________________________________________ Please specify 12. What do you do in order to protect yourself and your children when spousal abuse is taking place? [ ] Talk to someone you can trust [ ] Call the police [ ] Visit a shelter

[ ] Keep it to yourself 13. What type of assistance do you receive? [ ] Counseling [ ] Referral [ ] None [ ] Other____________________________________________ Please specify 14. How do people in the community react to persons alleged to have abused by their spouse? [ ] Alienate them [ ] Other encouragement [ ] Other______________________________________________ Please specify 15. What cause the abuse to take place? [ ] Economic status [ ] Alcohol / drug problems [ ] Jealousy [ ] Other_________________________________________________ Please specify 16.

What measures do you think the government should implement to reduce the occurrences of spousal abuse? [ ] Implement law [ ] Educate citizens [ ] Create agencies to deal with issue [ ] Other________________________________________________ Please specify Procedure used to collect data As stated earlier Belle Isle Road Community has approximately six hundred and twenty households. Calculation suggested that a sample of twenty present (20%) was necessary in order to guarantee accuracy in the conclusion of the major effects of spousal abuse in the community.

(20%of 150 = 30) A total of thirty questionnaires with sixteen (16) questions were prepared for distribution to respondents. It was expected that at least twenty-five (25) of them will be returned. The researcher therefore decided to choose the households by the process of random selection. This provided a fair chance for all respondents to be chosen as a part of the sample. The number of all the households was written on a piece of paper and for each piece of paper; they were folded and placed into a box which was shaken vigorously to ensure a good mixture.

Thirty slips of paper were then chosen after shaking the box. The thirty households were then supplied with questionnaires to given address by the researcher. The age group of 21-50 years comes from social classes. The questionnaires were distributed on the 1st of January 2012 and collected on the 20th of January 2012. Presentation and explanation of data A total of thirty (30) questionnaires were distributed to the residents, out of which twenty-five (25) were returned. Of these respondents, seventy percent (70%) were females and twenty percent (20%) were males.

Ten percent (10%) were both males and females. Question 6: which spouse is normally faced with spousal abuse? Figure one is a pie chart showing seventy percent (70%) of female respondents who’s normally faced with spousal abused. A majority of twenty percent (20%) of male respondents were facing spousal abuse because of incompetence. It was stated that ten percent (10%) were both males and females respondents who are facing spousal abuse. Question 7: What form of abuse spouse normally experienced? Figure two is a line graph which illustrates the forms of abused spouse faced.

It indicates that thirty percent (30%) of the respondents were physically abused while on the other hand ten percent (10%) were sexual abused and forty percent (40%) were verbally abused. Fifteen percent (15%) suffered from psychological abused. It was also stated that five percent (5%) suffered from other form of abuse. Question 9: what are the major effects of spousal abuse? Figure three is a bar graph which indicates the major effects of spousal abuse. Forty percent (40%) of respondents were emotional disturbed and twenty percent had lack of confidence in themselves.

Thirty-five percent (35%) were cheating on their partner while five (5%) had other effects. Analysis and interpretation of data Spousal abuse is a problem that is entrenched in many societies around the world and Jamaica is no exception. Research in this area has shown that this type of violence has touched the lives of many in Belle Isle Road Community. Although societal awareness and condemnation of the issue has increased in recent years, spousal abuse remains hidden and persistent problem because of the power and control held by the abuser and the fear, intimidation and humiliation suffered by both male and female partners.

Both sexes suffer from spousal abuse but it is more prevalent among females. Seventy percent (70%) of women have been affected by spousal abuse in one way or another. They suffer from physical and psychological because they are unable to make their own decisions, voice their own opinions or protect themselves and their children for fear of further repercussions. There human rights are denied and their lives are stolen from them by the ever-present threat of violence. However twenty percent (20%) of male are abused because of incompetence therefore they are unable to contribute to the household.

They do not have the skill or ability to have a job to provide the basic necessities in the household for their family. Men and women act violently in relationships, are equally likely to instigate violence against one another. The truth is surprisingly about ten percent (10%) of the domestic violence occurs with both partners abusing each other. Spousal abuse may consist of one or more forms. Thirty percent (30%) of the respondents suffers from physical abuse. Physical violence includes assault of any kind, ranging from pinching or pushing to choking, shooting, stabbing, and murder.

While on the other hand forty percent (40%) of the respondents suffers from verbal abused and fifteen percent suffers from physiological abuse. Verbal and psychological abuse is described as using words to criticize, demean, or otherwise decrease the confidence of the victim. Ten percent of the respondents suffer from sexual abuse. Sexual abuse refers to any behavior that uses sex to control or demean the victim, like intimidating the victim into engaging in unsafe sex or sexual practices in which he or she does not want to participate.

Five percent (5%) of the respondents suffer from other forms of abuse such as Economic or financial abuse this is described as limiting the victim’s financial freedom or security. Spousal abuse impacts on many people in all kinds of ways. It is not only the victim, but the whole community who experiences the effects of spousal abuse. The effect of spousal abuse on victims has stated that, Forty percent (40%) of respondents were emotional disturbed because they became mentally ill of being beaten by their partners. Twenty percent had lack of confidence in themselves.

Lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem is because of verbally abused by their partners and being discriminated each day. They now have negative emotion or delusion, as it exaggerates on their limitations in capacity, quality and potential for growth. Thirty-five percent (35%) were cheating on their partner while five (5%) had other effects. Other effects include social isolation which causes the victims to keep to them and not interact with community members or their families, resulting in them becoming anti social within their community. Findings

The survey has revealed a number of deficiencies with high level of spousal abuse in the Belle Isle Road Community. These include: Spousal abuse takes place between both sexes which as shown by ten percent (10%) of the respondents. Victims that are abused by their partner are mostly likely to become emotional disturbed this is represented by forty percent (40%) of the respondents. Spousal abuse but it is more prevalent among females this was agreed by seventy percent of the respondents. Recommendations It is important that there is a decrease in spousal abuse, as this impact negatively on the community and children.

In order to decrease spousal abuse the following suggestions applies: Public education to change attitude, which contribute to the continued existence of family violence, in order to help victims identify abusive behavior, to inform them of assistance available and to encourage individual and community action. Government can implement a law so victims can become safe in their homes and stop being victimized. Providing economic opportunity, mentors, role models who are survivors of domestic violence, organized community programs for youth and families and a

school environment that promotes prevention of abusiveness in any relationship. Raising the awareness about intimate partner violence in society at large, as occurs during Domestic Violence Awareness Month each October, can be invaluable to educating people about this issue. Implementation In order to solve this problem I would do the following: Provide therapeutic and educational interventions to adults who have been abuse by their partners. Create community based prevention and intervention initiatives that are coordinated across agencies and settings, and sustained over time.

Community based programs need to be available through a variety of organization including churches, schools, and social service agencies in order to ensure that prevention education and strategies are made available to anyone in need of such initiatives. Make follow-up and support services for victims and child witnesses of family violence available on a continuing basis. Arrange for health care screening to identify and refer victims and child witnesses of family violence to appropriate education, treatment, and justice system resources.

Health care providers are often the first to notice evidence of family violence, and are thus in a position to ensure that appropriate interventions occur as early as possible, to maximize both physical and emotional damage. Appendix Bibliography Johnson, B. (Ed. ). (2000). Collier’s Encyclopedia (Vol. 20). New York: P. F. colliers, Inc. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11 ed. ). (2008). Massachusetts: Merriam Webster Ramsawak, R. (2005). Modules in Social Studies. Gulf City Industrial Estate La Romain, Trinidad, W. I: Caribbean Educational Publishers.