Sir Edmund Andros
was sent by King James to unite the New England colonies
William and Mary
— the prince and princess of Orange
Henry Hudson
– he sailed his ship Half Moon and claimed New York for Holland, and the Hudson River is named after him.
Peter Minuit
purchased Manhattan Island from the Indians for $24
Duke of York
was granted New Netherlands from his brother King Charles II
Peter Stuyvesant
(Wooden leg?)– Dutch governor who insisted putting up a fight
George Calvert
the first lord of Baltimore
Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley
– The men who went to New Jersey. They attracted settlers by offering land on easy terms.
William Penn
— founded Pennsylvania
James Oglethorpe
Founder of Georgia
New Netherlands
– became New York; founded by the Dutch
the first successful proprietary colony founded by Lord Baltimore
“city of brotherly love”
To provide a refuge for debtor prisoners. Founded By : James Oglethorpe
– Founding of Massachusetts Bay Colony
Founding of Harvard College
Massachusetts Bay Colony
a joint stock company composed of Puritan business
Society of Friends
– another name for the English religious group who called themselves the Quakers
Toleration Act
granted freedom of worship to all who professed the name of Christ
Proprietary colony
a colony on a land grant which an Englishman made a nobleman
Patroon system
system made to help encourage more settlement
Glorious Revolution
marked the end of an absolute monarch in England
Dominion of New England
when New England colonies were united
King Phillip’s War
Indian uprising
New England Confederation
first voluntary American union
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut
– the first written constitution in America
Puritan work ethic
– became an important part of the American character
Great Migration
increased persecution in England that brought Puritans to the New World
Algonquin Bible
the first Bible to be printed in America
Ole’ Deluder Satan Act of 1647
act passed in Massachusetts that established the first town school system in America
Harvard College
prepared young men for the gospel ministry.
Charles I
issued a charter for the formation of the Massachusetts Bay Company
John Winthrop
First Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
John Elliot
— first apostle to the Indians and published the Algonquin Bible (the first Bible to be printed in America). He was remembered as the “Apostle to the Indians.”
Thomas Mayhew
– began to teach the Indians the bible on the island of Martha’s vineyard
Thomas Hooker
Founder of Connecticut
Roger Williams
founder of the colony where religious freedom took lasting root, Founder of Rhode Island