The Department shall investigate and take disciplinary action in cases where the administrative (I/A) or criminal investigation reveals that other employees are improperly and/or illegally involved. Situations where other employees might be implicated in improper or illegal conduct may include (but are not limited to): • Employees with knowledge of an incident of domestic violence who did not report it as provided by this policy • Employees who engaged in actions that could reasonably be perceived to interfere with the investigation

• Employees who by harassment, intimidation cause the victim to abandon the case The Department shall refer all such matters to the prosecuting attorney for review and possible prosecution. 1. Domestic Violence Unit Detective Conducts Criminal Investigation A CID Domestic Violence Unit Detective will investigate criminal allegations involving any Tacoma Police Department employee accused of domestic violence if the incident occurred within the City of Tacoma. The Chief of Police may ask an outside law enforcement agency to conduct the criminal investigation.

In the event that the allegations are made against an Assistant Chief(s) or the Chief of Police, the City Manager, the Mayor and the Pierce County Prosecutor will be notified. The City Manager will decide if the investigation will be handled within the department or given to another law enforcement jurisdiction. The investigating detective shall conduct criminal investigations involving employees in the same manner as any other criminal investigation. The investigating detective shall completely investigate the allegations and refer the case for prosecutorial review even if the victim recants.

The investigating detective, in accordance with the employee’s and victim’s rights, shall ensure sufficient interviews be conducted, to include friends, witnesses and family. Even though an initial report may already exist concerning an employee, reports of any subsequent or additional criminal incidents, which may include other employees engaging in surveillance or intimidation shall be documented separately, assigned a case number, and investigated thoroughly. The Domestic Violence Unit detective shall work closely with the prosecuting attorney on each case.

This detective shall present all the information to the appropriate prosecuting attorney for action and ask that a decision about the adjudication of the case be made as soon as practical. Any officer convicted of domestic violence through criminal proceedings shall be dismissed as a police officer for the City of Tacoma. 2. City, State & Federal Laws Will Be Upheld In All Dismissals The Chief of Police or designee, upon the decision to dismiss an officer shall do the following in accordance with Department and City personnel policies as well as union rights and state laws:

• Ensure that the victim is alerted prior to notification of the dismissal and offered available assistance, to include safety planning administered by a qualified domestic violence professional. • Inform the officer of available support resources, to include counseling. • Notify the Washington State law enforcement certification officials of the termination POL-XXX EXAMINING APPLICANTS PRIOR TO HIRING OR PROMOTION 1. All Hires Require Thorough Background Investigation

The Department shall conduct thorough background investigations of all new lateral and entry-level applicants considered for employment. All applicants shall be questioned about past allegations, arrests and/or convictions of domestic violence, sexual assaults and stalking as well as past and present protective orders. Prior to promotion, the Department, in conjunction with the LESA director, will conduct an extensive criminal records check on the officers selected for promotion, regardless of rank. 2. Applicants With a History of Violence Will Not Be Hired

Any applicant considered for employment with a history of committing violence, such as domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse, stalking, animal cruelty, sexual assaults, etc. , will not be hired. 3. Department Shall Advise Applicants of Routine Checks on Employees The Department shall advise applicants considered for employment that computer criminal checks are conducted routinely on employees for possible protection orders. 4. Applicants Shall Receive a Polygraph Exam and Follow-Up Review The Department polygrapher will give each applicant considered for employment a polygraph exam.

The polygrapher and assigned background investigator will also conduct a follow-up interview with the applicant. 5. Applicants Shall Receive a Psychological Exam and Follow-Up Interview The Department psychologist or psychiatrist will conduct an initial psychological exam and follow-up interview with all applicants considered for employment. The exam and the interview shall assist the psychologist/psychiatrist in assessing applicants for abusive or controlling tendencies. 6. All Hiring Requires Joint Staff Approval

The Department will not hire any applicant without a joint meeting of those staff members involved with the applicant, i. e. , hiring officer, psychologist/psychiatrist, background investigator, and Human Resources representative. These members will work in concert to ensure all applicants are suited for a career in law enforcement. POL-XXX ASSISTING VICTIMS OF EMPLOYEE DOMESTIC VIOLENCE 1. All Victim Information Shall Be Kept Strictly Confidential The confidentiality and safety of the victim are of the utmost importance to the Tacoma Police Department.

Therefore, if the victim wishes to be placed in an undisclosed “safe home” he/she may use a domestic violence advocacy representative for the transport and placement. This procedure is to limit the Tacoma Police Department’s contact with victims thus enhancing their confidentiality. Nevertheless, those employees who do have contact with victims shall keep all information concerning them confidential, including their whereabouts and safety plans. 2. Department Will Connect Victims With Advocacy Agencies

The Department shall work with community resources and advocacy agencies to connect victims, families and children with appropriate services. 3. Family Violence Unit Coordinator Acts as Department Liaison to Victims Family Violence Unit Coordinator shall assist the victim by ensuring that a safety plan and a lethality report are completed by a domestic violence advocate/professional. 4. All Department Employees Will Watch For Suspect Activity Through regular training, Department personnel shall be made aware of the increased danger to victims when they leave an abusive partner and/or when the Department terminates an employee.

The family violence unit coordinator and the domestic violence advocate liaison shall caution the victim to be alert and report stalking activities on the part of the abuser. Employees shall also be aware of possible witness or victim intimidation. Whenever employees suspect this is occurring, they shall immediately contact their supervisor, prepare a report and immediately deliver it through their chain of command to the Chief of Police. 5. Other Employees Will Not Accompany Suspects To Court Proceedings

Tacoma Police Department Employees will not accompany police officers/employee suspects to any domestic related court proceedings while on duty unless subpoenaed to appear or ordered to do so by their chain of command. If appearing while off duty they will neither carry nor display any Tacoma Police Department equipment to include assigned firearms(s) or insignias on their person, concealed or not. They must be aware of the fact that their mere presence in domestic violence related actions may appear intimidating to the victims.