Gattos opinion on school is extremely intense and straight forward. For the most part I agree with his standing point on the subject of schooling. I agree with his arguments of how we have become a society that completely relies on technology to keep us from being bored, and this notion teaches us to be absent minded rather than creative. I also agree that keeping kids “locked up” in a building for about seven hours a day gives us no room to grow individually and learn from life experiences.

Not only are students the ones in jeopardy because of this confined structure, but the teachers are as well. It’s almost like this narrow minded school system we abide by is just a dark cloud that hovers over us and imprints this idea that there is no other way to do things. When you think about it, school closely resembles what prison is made out to be. A bunch of unhappy people who would rather be anywhere but there. This is NOT what education should be about.

We should enjoy learning, not think of it as a chore or something to get over with so that we can move on to the next thing in life. Which is what? More work? We need to focus on training our brains to engage in activities, enjoy the moment, be curious, and to discover new wonders, not new worksheets. I remember being a kid, gazing out the window on a car ride home, letting my imagination run wild, as fast as the car was going. Now whenever I drive for long periods of time, I lean over to look at what my little brother is doing. He’s constantly staring at some sort of computer screen.

I even attempt having a conversation with him, asking him if he has any homework he needs help with but all I get in return is the same absent- minded response that I receive every day after school, “Nope, I already did my homework at school. ” I’m always worried that he’s not getting an education, but instead is just receiving a “schooling”. He never seems engaged in his homework, but is more interested in what video game he can play as soon as he’s done. What ever happened to picking up a book and actually exercising the brain to imagine impossible things such as dragons and fairies?

Does the board of education honestly think that they are tricking everyone into thinking that you will learn better off of a simple worksheet rather than actually going out and doing hands on interactions? Why do they restrict us? It’s almost like they emphasis conformity. It’s such a contradicting setting, school is. They put so much pressure on us to be individual and be completely yourself, yet they don’t allow us freedom to do so. I think we all stay so indifferent to the subject that it’s only getting worse. And the more we stay indifferent about it, the more the problem will escalate. It’s a vicious cycle that has to be stopped.