After a thorough investigation into the JJJ Company the ad hoc committee has compiled their findings. As our CEO I know that you are anxious to move forward with the acquisition, however you have made it clear that you will only move forward if the purchase will yield greater profit and bigger dividends. After reviewing all of the findings the committee and I have decided to recommend that we do not move forward with the acquisition.

Our sales and marketing departments all saw great potential in JJJ Company’s book of business. In a large attempt to reinvent our marketing department their team was very excited about the potential new market channels an acquisition could bring to our company. After the due diligence report was made known, the findings were slightly alarming. Their operating expenses have increased year by year, their profits however have decreased. Their past five years of federal, state and local tax returns are incomplete.

Although they do show multiple contracts with various vendors, we feel their products are mismanaged and would require a possible different product line in higher demand. Signs of such a high amount of financial instability is why we, as a team have decided our recommendation is to not move forward with this acquisition. My bottom line is sales profitability and based on what I have seen this would not be a logical move for us. In keeping our stockholders interests in mind we do not feel that this purchase would yield them higher dividends.