Academic matters for college students

Essentially, college students are closely related to academic matters. Therefore, college students are required to be knowledgeable and develop the knowledge they have learned and acquired as best as possible. All knowledge will be obtained through reading activity. As revealed by Dalman (2013), reading is the key to success in education. It is crucial for college students to have reading ability not just to understand, but also select the required of academic readings.

Therefore, as one of important elements in level of education, reading process must be done continuously in order to develop and improve the way of thinking of the college students.

Up to now, some problems in reading is often experienced by college students. Based on the survey conducted by researcher with the students of English Department Universitas Negeri Gorontalo in eighth semester, reading problems encountered by students occur for several reasons. It starts from how to select the appropriate reading source for academic reading and how to read academic texts efficiently and effectively. Meanwhile, it happens because of some reasons. The first reason is amount of reading.

There are many numbers of literatures related to their research topics obtained which they have to properly select and the college students do not know how to stop. The second reason is short reading time. College students assumed that they are not given enough time in reading academic reading, so they must manage their time as best as possible. Third is difficulty level on reading. It is due to the higher the vocabulary class in the academic literature study which is accompanied by the low of students’ reading interest makes students unable to find the main idea they are looking for.

In anticipation of this, it must be compulsory for students to use appropriate reading method and techniques for their academic reading activities. Of the many existing reading techniques, the reading techniques used by the college students are selecting reading, skipping, skimming and scanning. Basically, the four reading techniques are commonly used by college students in general when they reading the academic texts.

In the stage of select reading, the college students will conduct a search through a strict selection of the academic reading they need. After that, the college students will begin to seek out the information they need through the fast reading techniques, namely skipping, skimming and scanning.

Based on the results of observation conducted by researcher especially for 10 English Department students’ in eighth semester who while preparing the research proposal draft, they have done the SQ3R method in their reading activities indirectly, but they are just less familiar with the name of the method. SQ3R is a method which consist of five stages: survey, question, read, recite/recall and review. If this method is applied properly, the results of academic reading will be maximal. But if not done properly, the acquisition of information from academic reading will not be obtained as expected.

Considering with the some considerations above, the researcher decide to analyze in a research entitled, The Use of SQ3R in Academic Reading (A Study Conducted at Eighth Semester of English Department Students).


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