Abstract: the Construction of the red army.

The construction of the red army.

From the former Russian army Soviet Republic have received almost nothing. Almost the only “a remnant of the old army” on the side Boards, to preserve the discipline and fighting spirit were regiments of Latvian Riflemen. They have become an important pillar of the new government in its first year of existence. The rest of the Red army had to be created from disparate parts of the red guard, an almost unknown discipline, poorly armed, not to mention uniforms.

In June 1918. The red army has ceased to be purely voluntary, it started the call. Since then, the army faced a new serious problem โ€“ the mass desertion.

The peasants were willing to defend his field, his village parish. But to go far from their homes, to abandon their land and house they did not want. During the years 1919 -1920 in the raids have been detained more than 800 thousand. More than 1.5 million have voluntarily returned back to the service…

Soon after October, it became clear that without an experienced “military experts”, that is, officers and generals of the old army, the red army successfully fight can not. In the spring of 1918 “military experts” began to involve in the Red army.

However, the Bolsheviks relied too heavily on the loyalty of former officers. If the “military expert” went over to the enemy, his family, according to the decree of the authorities, been arrested. In addition, the commander oversaw the military Commissioner โ€“ usually a Communist. For treason of the commander or rebellion in the part of the Commissioner relied shooting.

A very important place in the army of the early twentieth century was occupied by the cavalry. Soon the red army was a powerful cavalry. She played a noticeable role during the civil war.

The red army gradually grew. In may of 1918. it consisted of about 300 thousand people. In February, 1919. its population exceeded 1 million, a year โ€“ 3 million. At the end of 1920, the red army had served more than 5 million soldiers and commanders!