The origins of Judaism are written in the book of Genesis, the first book of the Pentateuch. Genesis is divided into several major parts. The creation of the world (first part) and the story of Abraham (second part) are respectively the parts that are dedicated mostly to the origins of Judaism. God created heaven and Earth.

Then he created man. Man disobeyed God, building a partition between them, and went on his own. God promised redemption on man for being tempted and corrupted by Satan. Later, God chose Abraham as the father of a long line of people that he would deal with throughout time in order to keep his promise of redemption, and to define a certain people as his. Abraham had two sons: Ishmael and Isaac.

God chose Isaac to receive the birthright promises. As a result, the line of God’s people came through Isaac. After what happened the first time with man’s betrayal, God put Abraham and Isaac to a test. God ordered Abraham to sacrifice Isaac to him. Abraham was confused and hurt by this command, but both he and Isaac agreed. As he was about to kill his son, God stopped him.

God informed Abraham that this was a test to see how loyal he was to him. Generations later God made a pact with the chosen people. They agreed to live a life of strict obedience to the law that he gave them, and in return, they would have the promised messiah come as one of them, who would deliver them from evil to God. He provided them prophets to make his presence and desires known to them and to predict future events so they would know what to expect from God in future times, and how to recognize the Messiah when he arrived. The origins of Judaism can look like a fantasy novel when studied from a completely nue tral point of view. However in these-at times seemingly far-fetched recordings of the beginning of the world through the birth of Judaism-lie the base from which Judaism grew into a world-wide religion.

Info comes straight from Bible, no other bibliography.