A Successful Life Is Being Happy and Useful…

To be successful you have to be happy and useful, I believe that a successful person, is most likely to be happy and useful, as happiness, usefulness and success, are a package deal, even though they are all different for different people. Success is measured in different ways by different people. Whether it means saving up and travelling the world, dieting and losing 10 kilos or even making lots and lots of new friends, success is to achieve any goal you set for yourself.

Happiness is to feel good about yourself after you have achieved your goal. Although many believe happiness is bought from money Professor Daniel Kahneman of the University of Princeton said, “ Standard of living has increased dramatically and happiness has increased not at all ” meaning even though we all have more money we are still as happy as we were without it. Being useful, can make us feel both, success and happiness you can be useful in many ways, helping someone else, helping yourself or helping an organisation.

Being useful can make you feel happy about your self and once you have helped yourself or someone else you feel good about yourself for example, your aunties dog just died, she goes away to try and forget about it, and for when she comes home you buy her a new dog, you go look online for a new puppy and when you find one after two days you call up not knowing if their going to be all sold or not, there is one left you then drive for 1 and a half hours to get it and when you give it to your auntie she is so happy she is crying, the feeling you get after that is , happiness because you have done something good for someone else and success because it took you time to find it and the person appreciated it and you achieved you goal.

In my conclusion what I have given you, is some thoughts on what I recon a successful life, being happy and useful is often hard but one thing leads to another and you cant be happy without being useful and a you cant be useful without being successful, so really its one big circle and you can’t have one without the other. I believe that being useful is the main topic in this discussion because without being useful you would not be able to be happy and with out being happy you would not be successful, so is your life full of happiness, success and usefulness?

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