Nowadays, the majority of college students have experiences about doing a part-time job. Getting a part-time job seems to be an important thing to do in college life. Although having a job in college may bring a lot of different experiences but also bad effect to them. If students can get a part-time job, they can make money by their own instead of getting money from parents. Students have ability to make money so they can know that making money is not an easy thing.

They know the money they get is not easy so students will cherish it and learn how to manage their own money. Besides, students can learn many kinds of skills and experiences when they work. For example, being a waiter or waitress in restaurant can learn table manners, the way to serve guests, interact with people. If you find a job that can apply to your study in the school, it is also a great opportunity to combine your study with your work to practice. For example, if you major in English, contacting with foreign company is a great way to practice your oral speaking.

The last great thing about doing a part-time job is that students can realize early about working is totally different from studying. If students make mistakes in school, teachers may forgive them. On the contrary, if they make mistakes when they work, they may be able to be expelled. Students can learn early how to work with a team in a company, how to solve problems on own, and how to interact with people in society. They may discover what they really want to do in the future during they are working in different kinds of environment.

In fact, students have less time to do things that they would like to do than the other students do not have job. So they have to give up attending a club, having fun with friends, doing sports, and any entertainment. Besides, students have to work in nights or holidays so they need to stay night and spend more time preparing homework, report or doing other things they have to finish in a day. Because students can not get enough to sleep, they may feel tired or even have a cold.

It is common that students are too tired to be attention to teachers during the class because they have a part-time job in the last night. It may make a bad effect on studying of students in the school. A student having a part-time job in the college life is a very common phenomenon. But if it is brought a lot of great thing to you, it may be able to be brought bad effect to you. Students should try their best to take good care of studying and working both. If they can do up to this expectation, they will get and catch lots of wonderful experiences and a fulfilled college life in their life.