There are many methods of birth control that you can choose from. To pick a certain method of birth control, you should consult a doctor or your physician. The first method and cheapest method of all the birth controls in Abstinence. It is the only 100% full proof method that will prevent STD’s and pregnancy. Other methods such as Condoms, Norplant, Depo-Provera, Barrier Contraceptives, over the counter contraceptives, IUD, sterilization, morning after pill are also available to use.

Condoms are one of the most common used birth controls. They are used by, putting a latex cover over the penis before intercourse to prevent the sperm joining with the female eggs. You also can add spermicide to kill more sperm. The sheathing of the condom may be made out go thin latex or animal tissue. It is effective to about 88% – 92% of the time on stopping pregnancy.

It also protects from STD’s. To increase your protection, don t use Vaseline, because it will break sown the condom. Some advantages of the condom are that they are very easy to buy in drug stores, supermarkets, etc. They also can be used as part of sex play and to help prevent premature ejaculation. Some problems do occur such as, Allergies, loss of sensation, breakage of the condom.

They also cost fairly cheap around $. 25 and up for dry, $. 50 and up for lubricated and about $2.50 for animal tissue. Another method is Norplant. It prevents the release of the eggs, and thickens the cervical mucus to keep sperm from joining the egg, removal can be done at anytime and most be done by a clinician. It has a 99.6% effective rate but it still doesn t have any protection against STD’s.

What they do is, plant six small capsules under you skin of yours upper arm and the capsules constantly release small amounts of hormones and it protect pregnancy for five years. It cost about $500 to $600 for the exam, implants, and insertion and about $100 to $200 for removal. Depo-Prover is one other method. It is where you can get a hormone shot in your arm or buttocks every 12 weeks to prevent the release of eggs. It thickens the mucus to kill the sperm off and prevents fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus. It has a 99.7% effective rate.

It cost about $30 to $75 per injection and $35 to $125 for the exam. Here are some more methods. Barrie Contraceptives are when Your clinician size a diaphragm the is the size of your cervix so it fits you. Then you have to coat the diaphragm with spermicide. It keeps the sperm from joining the egg and also kills of the sperm.

It has an effectiveness of 82% to 94%. They can get messy and are difficult to use for some women. The diaphragm or cap costs about $13 to $25 and the examination is about $50 to $125 and supplies cost around $8. Over the counter Contraceptives are basically inserted in the cervix such as a female condom which contains spermicides.

Has an effectiveness of 72% to 97%. It also has some protection and some STD’s. They are really easy to buy in drug stores but the can end up being messy and you might have difficulty removing the sponge. For a three- pack sponge it cost around $3 to $5. IUD is a small plastic device placed in your uterus.

It has a effectiveness of about 97% to 99.2%. With this intercourse isn t interrupted at all by placing anything anywhere. It cost about $150 to $300 for an exam and visits. There is two types of sterilization’s, a Tubal sterilization; where it is intended to permanently block woman’s tubes where sperm joins the eggs, and Vasectomy; is intended to permanently block man’s tubes that carry sperm. Has a 99.6% to 99.8% effect rate. Cost about $1000 to $2500 for a Tubal sterilization and a Vasectomy cost around $240 to $520.

Morning after Pill is a pill taken after you have had intercourse. It may be taken up to 72 hours after the event happen to work properly. It has about a 75% effective rate. You have to take 8 pills. The most common side effect is throwing up or nausea. The pill is a pill taken once a day at the same time for a 28 day cycle.

It is about 99% effective. It is very easy to use if you remember to take it everyday at the same time. With all these choices for birth control I only feel that one stands out. Abstinence is the best way and only way you should go till marriage. It is just way to scary of a world out their and we still are just kids and we don t need this burden over our heads now. We have so much in the future going for us so that we can succeed.

A baby or a STD isn t worth ruining or risking our life over. So listen to me abstinence is the way and only way to go.