‘An Inspector Calls’ Younger v. Older generation – Quotations

Sheila – “I’ve told my father – he didn’t seem to think it amounted to much – but I felt rotten about it at the time and now I feel a lot worse.” – Page 23
The Younger generation have more emotions than the reserved older generation who reserved – younger generation are more emotionally aware than the older generation
Explanation without inference: Sheila feels that she directly affected Eva by sacking her.
EXPLANATION: She feels guilty, but Mr Birling didn’t think that it was important (about sacking Eva) becuase he is greedy as he has made (worked up to/for) his own money through hard work which has made him more selfish/protective of his own money. (He is only worried about making his own money) – Ideology of a businessman.
CONTEXT: Victorian businessmen have worked their way up to become rich and therefore they are more worried about the money that they make rather than the people who work for him.
Mrs Birling – “Please be quiet Sheila.”
Page 33
Explanation without inference: Shows that Mrs Birling finds Sheila’s views unimportant. She is also convinced that she is right because she is older.
EXPLANATION: Mrs Birling is very conserned about the family’s reputation so she attempts to shut Sheila up.
CONTEXT: Contextually Mrs Birling is a traditional Victorian wife who supports her husband and his/the family’s reputation, they care about the family’s reputation. They also hide their emotions from people/very good at keeping emotions hidden away.
Gerald – “I’m rather more upset by this business.”
Page 39
EWI – Shows he is part of the older generation as he is not taking any responsibility for his actions.
(Gerald has the potential to change between gens) Gerald is not part of the older generation because he is YOUNG but he acts as a traditional older generation.
CONTEXT: At the start of the play, Gerald is a traditional person but his views change and he becomes more modern through the play.
Eric – “You’d think a girl had any clothes before she gets married.”
Page 9
EWI – Shows that the younger generation have a better understanding of women.”
Eric knows women better than Mr Birling as he has talked to/took knowledge of women whereas Mr Birling wouldn’t care about them. He is less reserved than people like Mr Birling in the older generation.
CONTEXT: Women started to become more fashionable and started to wear clothes that they wanted to wear, not what the man wanted them to wear. “Superficial Appearance.” – “Trophy Wife”
Mr Birling – “…well, a sort of sign or token of their self-respect.”
This shows there is a contrast between Eric and Mr Birling.
Mr Birling doesn’t understand women and that he thinks they are superficial (appearance) and that they are only for show.
CONTEXT: “Trophy Wife” traditional for men.

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