Earlier, it was a famous quote that the mind of the women lies in their knees. But now, the scenario has changed. It is famous saying these days that how the women manage to be on the first in each and every aspect of life. What is the source of their energy? From where they got such a huge talent? It is a known fact that women form half of the population of every country. But in spite of this fact why they are not getting the adequate representation at various forums? Probably, the reason lies in the fact of having male dominated society which cannot see a woman to stand at their equal footing.

Surely, this is an ill and conservative mentality. But, by passing the afore-mentioned Women Reservation Bill, the Indian Parliament has gone a step beyond this conservative mentality. The equal representation of women at village level is a step towards to have an adequate representation of theirs in the State Legislatures and ultimately, the Parliament of India. There are so many advantages of this equal representation. The first and foremost advantage is that now the women, who are aggrieved by one way or other, can come forward to complain.

Earlier, it was not possible because the panchayats were consisted of male panchs and sarpanchs, and, therefore the aggrieved women felt a lot of hesitation to come forward. Now, the composition of panchayats with women members will encourage them to put forward their compliants. Surely, such a composition will help in serving the wants and desires of this strong pillar of society i. e. , the women. The another advantage of such a composition is that it will check the activities like biased judgements, corruption etc. ecause it is an accepted fact that the women secure the ethics and morals in the society. And when women will be there among the panch-parmeshwers, they will surely give the judgements with the best of their knowledge so that they can subserve the needs of the society in the best possible way. At the end, it is right to say that the 50% reservation of women in village panchayats is certainly a good and strong step,and, therefore the women should understand the value of it and they should try to make the optimum use of it.