Purpose This sample residence demonstrates some of the capabilities of ADT 3. A model of the residence was created and then used to produce a set of construction documents and presentation files including an animation of the framing, exterior and interior. The included methods are only one way of creating a set of construction documents. Files Ameri-CAD Residence. dwgThis is the primary ADT 3 drawing file containing the model and construction documents.

As this file contains many objects including a framing drawing that has schedule data attached for creating a bill of materials, it may take a while to load. Once the file is loaded and each tab has been generated, moving from tab to tab should be very responsive. Ameri-CAD Residence Framing. dwgThis file contains structural objects to frame the residence. It also contains schedules of the structural objects. It is attached to the primary Ameri-CAD Residence drawing as an xref.

Ameri-CAD Residence Furniture. dwgThis file contains furniture for the residence. JPG files The JPG files were created in Autodesk 3 D Studio Viz Rel 3. The model in 3 D Studio Viz is directly associated with the Ameri-CAD Residence. dog model using the Viz file linking feature. Any changes to existing objects in the Ameri-CAD residence can be reflected in the 3 D Studio Viz rendering.

To view a JPG file, simply double-click on the JPG file. Animation. avi The Animation. avi file was also crated in Autodesk 3 D Studio Viz Rel 3. To view the animation file, simply double-click on the file. AutoCAD Architectural Desktop Rel 3 Features 2 Dsectionselevations have been used to create the exterior elevations, interior cabinet elevations and the section of the residence.

When the model is changed, these sections can be updated to reflect the changes by right clicking and selecting the update command. View dependent graphics have been used to create both construction documents and 3 D presentations from the same object. Objects that demonstrate this include stairs, rails, windows, doors, walls, cabinets and plumbing. The Render tab was used to export the file to 3 D Studio Viz.

Materials and lighting were added in 3 D Studio Viz Rel. 3 to create the JPG files and the Animation. avi file. Changes in the ADT 3. dog files can also be updated to the 3 D Studio Viz file. Structural objects were used to create the framing drawing.

Schedule data was added to create schedules of the framing including Usage of each structural object. The framing drawing was created as a separate drawing and attached as an xref. Updates Periodically, Ameri-CAD Inc. will update these files. You can get to these updated files via the Ameri-CAD Inc. web site at web.