Thesis: The lives of black women have always been a mirror image to Cinderella, but it has never been recognized. And black men only see white women as Cinderella’s. She compares Scarlet O! | Hara to the evil step sisters and compares Butterfly McQueen to Cinderella. 1950 Disney movie Cinderella shows only white women can turn into princesses.

– Twist on ABC / Disney T.V. movie is that the multicultural casting – Whitney Houston! V Lena Horn (Blues singer) Denen e Miller! V author of! SS The Sista h’s Rules!” – says movie makes a growing loss of faith in black men from black women In 1980 27,000 new interracial marriages and they double by 1990 Virginia Hamilton- Mac Arthur Award Winner!

V! SSCatskinella!” – Cinderella is strong willed – The prince wished to marry Catskinella and she makes him wait for her Personal Evaluation & Response: This author is blaming her own faults on black men. I think I can see her point of view better because I am African American. If a woman has a great personality, then her color doesn! |t matter.

Vocabulary: post feminist: relating to the assumption that the goals of the feminist movement have been achieved and that it is no longer necessary to fight actively for them. malleability: capable of being altered Thesis: Men are more associated with having better navigational skills while women better remember landmarks. Nicholas Wade explained that differences between men and women are based on the process of thinking. The human brain is distinguished structurally between male and female. Men ” better at math, or complex works ” better navigational skills ” men in china are better at rational test then women Women ” good at perception, language, and communication ” remember land marks ” ask for directions ” women in China are better at rational test then American men The structure of the brain is different: women’s right and left brain is more interactive than man’s one. I think that God made man and woman different for a reason.

I think that reason is because the two need each other. I believe that a man has everything a woman doesn! |t have and vise versa. That’s why we are so different. Vocabulary words: scrupulous: extremely careful Tiresias: man women ideologues: strongly believe in a certain theory anomaly: unlike the general rule Martina Navratilova: men and women’s leader in tennis; retired Robert Reich: Former Sec. of Labor Veronica Chambers.