Bigfoot: The Secret For over a 150 years man has been stressed by one great mystery, a secret that has bewildered all that have observed it and everything who have tried to solve it. This kind of mystery is commonly known as Bigfoot, a tall furry man / guinea pig who lurks in the woods in about any country on this planet. Some say it is merely an ape, some consider it is a person in costume, while others are true believers of this furry phenomenon. For more than a 10 years . 5 this beast of myth has caused enormous contradictions in neuro-scientific science, getting about one question.

Does Bigfoot can be found? Throughout the a hundred and fifty year history of Bigfoot many concerns have raised, the most in quantity have been from Natives. The Karo k Indians inform of an “up slope person” who lurks far up in the mountain range (Gaffron, 22-24). A few medicine men have told stories of “snow-walkers” that bother the Forrest absolute depths (Short).

The creatures North American habitat addresses over 125, 500 square miles of forest, contained in the states of Oregon, Washington, and California, constituting a huge number of Tribes of native americans to come across and frighten (Gaffron, 22). This phenomenon is not simply a Indigenous American one informed by medicine men, and tribe frontrunners, Bigfoot plays a massive role in the ancient folklore of such civilizations as, the Russians, Greeks, and Anglo-Saxons (Brunvand). These civilizations have been around for centuries, and have been telling tales of Bigfoot a long time before any one; they contain the true key to Bigfoot’s background. 2 As the environment changes so does the Bigfoot. The Yeti, known as the legendary man of the Himalayas, is the Bigfoot of Nepal, China, and Siberia.

Numerous descriptions state the Yeti resembles a primitive human like being (Gaffron, 52). Four major types of Bigfoot have been recorded, each one having its own distinct differences. The Teh-Ima is 4 feet tall, being the littlest of the four and is positioned in lower mountain areas. The Meh-The, somewhat resembling a gorilla, has a huge directed head and large square teeth, it is slightly bigger than the Teh-Ima.

The Due-Teh being the 3 rd greatest is similar to a bear and is approximately 6 to 8 feet tall. The greatest of the group is the Bigfoot of North America weighing just as much as 1, 000 pounds, and over 8 feet tall (Gaffron, 44-46). These Big feet have there own characteristics and traits, each one adapting to life in its own region, and each one just as baffling as the other Bigfoot, misconception or not has been seen by hundreds of countless numbers of men and women. These people have given fine detail of its features and characteristics. Bigfoot is described to have a musty fusty frouzy odor which is smelt from kilometers away.

It can weight up to you, 000 pounds and it reach higher than eight ft in length (Gaffron, 16). Its foot prints tell a great deal about Bigfoot as well, from them scientists deduce his extremely wide advances of six to eight feet, the four inch to 24 inch feet size, and the unusual disproportionate size of the ball of its ft (Fahrenbach). With all its evident distinctions Bigfoot also stocks common traits with primates, for example the hair some bone structure, and a minimum mental capacity. From the United States to China people have reported seeing what they believe is Bigfoot.

These encounters may or may well not be true; one are not able to know for several the truth of such questionable things, everything can be done is to keep an open brain. The most common sightings result from remote control regions in north and el monte, by people claiming to see huge, furry human-like creatures. The majority of people that view a Bigfoot 3 avoid know very well what they inch ve seen, not to mention know it’s something worth reporting. They are some examples of sightings which have been recorded. In 1958, while soaring a private aircraft over Bluff creek, a husband and wife see Bigfoot tracks, they follow them until they are above the Bigfoot. On April 16, 1969 Mrs. Robert Be hme sees a Bigfoot limp across a road in Stirling city, California.

In Bluff Creak, California on the year of 1958, Laurence Omega spots a Bigfoot outside his shack, the next day he quits his logging job and leaves town. (web). These are only a minuscule fraction of the sightings reported every day. Is Bigfoot is a common creature roaming the woods or are these people eager for attention? In October of 1967, Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin took approximately 24 feet of footage containing a female Bigfoot (Thomas). Many scientists immediately struck the film down as a fake, arguing that the Bigfoot in the footage was a person in a gorilla costume. While there were many skeptics, there were also many believers, William Montagna, an expert on primate skin mentioned that the breasts of the Bigfoot were hairy, therefore it could not be a human female.

Peter Byrne added that apes do not have breasts therefore the theory of it being an ape was ruled out. The most proving statement came from technicians at Universal Studios in Hollywood. The technicians all agreed that it would be impossible to fake the footage; if they were to attempt it, it would require a whole new system of artificial muscles and an actor who could walk like a Bigfoot (Gaffron, 72-76). In the thirty-five years since this footage was taken nothing has been able to prove the existence of Bigfoot more than it has. For thousands of years myths of an upright man as well as ape have recently been told in a bunch of cultures and for 150 years its sight has baffled science and caused irreversible techniques in its ideas. Weather Bigfoot is merely another branch of primates or an 4 early form of humanity which failed to develop; it is the duty of technology to seek fact no matter how controversial the results may be. 5


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