Would Romeo and Juliet’s lives been less of a struggle if they never got married? Well hopefully by reading my essay the answer to my question will be explained and you will no longer be puzzled. The new folger edition of Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare explains to the reader that love can turn into a disaster. Throughout my essay I will be stressing many points such as 1) Romeo and Juliet’s forbidden love, 2) Juliet’s fate, 3) Juliet versus her parents, and 4) Romeo’s character portrayal. Is Romeo and Juliet’s love forbidden between a Capulet and a Montague?

Is this true or are you not sure? For example, Romeo first noticed Juliet at her party, and supposedly Juliet was there to find her mate. Some time later a friend informed Romeo that she was Juliet the Capulet’s daughter and he shouldn’t get involved with her. This didn’t stop Romeo and from that point on in his mind all that he focused on was Juliet and her elegance. When the party was over Romeo fled to her house and called for her. Romeo and Juliet had no clue of what chaos they would encounter but they were destined to fall in love.

There are many tragedies in Romeo and Juliet but they are basically centered around Juliet. Later on in the book, Juliet tries to think of ways to avoid her marriage to Paris. Juliet’s parents want her to marry Paris. She loves her parents but can’t begin to explain the difficult situation she is in. Juliet is confused and goes to Friar Lawrence for help and he advises her to get a dagger and some poison and fake her death. Romeo is a person who is always moving around.

He’s unpredictable and his style is unique. Romeo is full of many surprises and you ” re never certain of his next move. For example, in the beginning of the book he’s stunned, in a daze and heartbroken because of Rosa line but takes a look at Juliet and his heart revitalizes itself. When it comes to Juliet he is generous, sentimental and sensitive. Romeo did kill Juliet’s cousin Ty balt but it was a matter of defending himself. When he fell in love with Juliet he matured in many ways.

She became the focus of all his actions. In conclusion Romeo and Juliet go through many changes and tragedies throughout the book. They keep the readers on their toes and always wandering what will happen next. There is a lot to learn about forbidden love, Juliet’s fate, her parents, and Romeo’s character portrayal but hopefully some of your questions were answered in my essay.